Monday, April 16, 2012

New Bike

One of the things my mom gets the kids is a big bike when they turn 3!!!  I knew Addyson was ready for a bike when we went riding with our friends a few weeks ago and she got tired out trying to keep up on her trike!  Hard to believe my baby girl is about to turn 3!!!!
Nammie picked up Addyson yesterday for a Girls' Day to celebrate her birthday with her!  One of the things they did was they went shopping so Addyson could pick out a bike and helmet!  She went straight for the Pinkalicious bike that is all pink and has pom poms and a baby carrier (which we still have to put on).  She also picked out a pink Dora helmet!
She was SO happy to show us her new bike and new skills!!!
She was also excited to show off her bell!!! (Owen's bike does not have a bell and now he wants on too!)
After a few minutes of figuring it all out and having Dad adjust the wheels she was OFF!!!  She took many trips up and down the sidewalk!!!  She is ready for her big girl bike and I'm sure we'll be meeting our friends for many bike trips!
Owen is also ready for a big bike... has outgrown his bike he got for his third birthday.  A mom in the MOMS Club was selling a bigger bike so I got that for Owen!  It took him a bit to get use to the bigger bike and he often switches between the two but I'm sure it won't be long until he rides just his big bike with handle breaks!!!!
I came inside to check on Ethan and before long my big kids came in with a surprise for me!!!  They had finished riding their bikes and went to pick flowers for me!!!  So sweet!!!  I'm loving this time of year!

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