Friday, April 6, 2012

Preparing for the Weekend

We have a VERY busy weekend ahead of us which means I'm going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off!!!  I'm going to get behind on the blog so get ready for a picture overload once the storm has calmed down!
We had planned to get Ethan baptized last month but the Godparents could not both come on the same weekend so we choose to get him baptized Easter Sunday since we knew that both Godparents could be there.  The church allows you to have a stand in (sub) for the Godparents but, for us, it was important to be able to have them there.  Since we knew family would be coming in town for Ethan's event we decided to have Addyson's birthday party a week and a half early so our family could celebrate with her... since our family is so spread out, it isn't often that our kids get to celebrate their birthdays with family.
 This means that we have 2 big parties bck to back!!!  It also means that we will have 3 different families staying at our house for a total of 8 adults, 5 kids, and 2 dogs!!!  Whew!!  I'm already exhausted just thinking about it!  First to arrive, Opa and Nina from Canada!  They got in late Wednesday night and the fun started then!  My kids heard them come in so they got up at 9:30pm to join the fun and the exhaustion started then!!!  Late night... followed by an early morning (then eventually short naps, more late nights, more early mornings...etc)... a fun early morning of making up songs and singing with Nina!
It has been great having an extra set of hands around!!!  Nina said before she came that she was looking forward to "taking the kids" and giving me a break!  While I didn't get to go anywhere, I did enjoy sitting back and watching my kids enjoy having so many people around that were "all about them"!  My arms and back also enjoyed the break!
Ethan isn't a big fan of solid food right now so I hesitated giving him any "snack" type foods but, I can tell he wants something!  He wants to be a part of the big people eating!  Spoons, lids, and cups help hold him off but, tonight was a late night as we enjoyed the great outside weather and a late dinner outside.  So, I broke down and gave Ethan... or should I say, Nina gave Ethan a Mum Mum and he loved it!  He just sucked on it as it dissolved in him mouth and there was minimal chocking.  Yay!
The crazy part about hosting is all of the dinners and cleaning!  Again, I was thankful to have many helpers around!  Tonight, Gusanos helped me by cooking... and delivering!  Now, if I can just get them to come back and clean up!!! : )  Hey, I'll take what I can get!  We are also putting our new patio and patio furniture to good use!!!  LOVE IT!!!  Perfect for entertaining... just what we needed!
My weekend will be full, exhausting, and fun!!!  I can't wait!  However, I'm going to get SO behind on the blog and once I get behind it takes me FOREVER to catch up.... ugh!  I've been doing SO good about keeping it up!  So, bare with me and hopefully before May I'll be caught back up!  Until then, Cheers and enjoy this Holiday weekend!

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