Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ready for Football

It's not football season but, that doesn't stop us from getting ready for it!!!  Let's Call Those Hogs!!!!
Addyson's last cheerleader (that what she calls her outfit) was a 2T and was looking more like a shirt than a dress so Opa offered to buy her a new one for her birthday!!!  She was SO excited!  Last time Opa was here (for Ethan's birth) he got Owen this football jersey when he and Nina took the kids shopping while E was being born at home.  What Owen was missing.... a football helmet!!!  He has been asking for one for a long time!  So, when we walked into the Razorback store Owen found a helmet on a high shelf and stood there in awe and started asking for it.  At the time, Opa was in a different store so I told him he had to wait and ask Opa and I was trying to tell him that Opa probably couldn't buy it since he had to buy Addyson's birthday present and it wasn't Owen's birthday just yet to which Owen responded, "Well, Opa has lots of money" : )
I guess he does... that or a soft spot in his heart for Owen because Owen got his football helmet and he has been wearing it non-stop!!!  We actually got a great deal on a whole set; helmet, Razorback football shirt with pads, AND football pants and the set was half off... guess it pays to get ready for football season before it is time and before everyone else!! : )  Let's Go Hogs!

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