Thursday, April 19, 2012


After a great trip to the doctor's office, we went to lunch at 5 Guys (a favorite of ours in the Roger's area) and then went shopping at the mall!!  Yep, me alone with 3 kids!!!  A busy morning... am I nuts???  The only tricky part was when Ethan was sleeping in the stroller at 5 Guys and then Owen had to go potty and then Addyson had to go.  Since the bathroom was just a one stall bathroom I felt comfortable sending Owen for the first time by himself.  The kicker, I had to go wipe his hiney.... so, I scoped out the "nicest" looking person I could find and asked her to keep an eye on my stroller while I ran to the bathroom.  She said she would but I wonder if she judged me too..... maybe that was a bad decision.... not sure but, I'm not sure what to do.... take the stroller with me next time but, I was SO afraid of waking up my VERY tired baby that just had shots.... everything work out... thank goodness!
At the mall, I even did some shopping (with 3 kids) at my favorite kids' clothing store, Gymboree!!!  And Addyson did some shopping too!!!  She had birthday money to spend and she wanted an umbrella and a headband!!!  So, that's what she got!!! 
Isn't she the cutest thing ever?!?! : )
The kids and I have had one of the best days ever!!  No crying, fit throwing, nothing.  Just smiles, laughs, and lots of fun conversations!  I was very thankful for a great day and I let them know that!!!  I'm hoping that all of the positive reinforcement I gave them leads to many more great days in our future!!!

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