Friday, April 27, 2012

Silver Dollar City

Monday, Brad will be starting his new job so we are using this weekend as a "reset/refresh" weekend for him and our family.  To kick it off, we went to Silver Dollar City today for the first time this season.  It was suppose to be a nice day so I set out really cute short outfits the night before and got up at 7 this morning and headed out.
As we got closer to town, I noticed that it was cloudy and windy and I started to worry.  Brad was in the RV with the 2 big kids and I was in the van with Ethan.  The plan was for us to enjoy a sunny morning together and then the kids and I would head home around 2 (nap time in the van) and Brad would stay in the Branson area and camp for the weekend.  However, our morning didn't start out so sunny.  I'm glad Brad was in the RV because there were enough leftover clothing items laying around in there that we were able to have long sleeves for everyone but Ethan and we just covered him up in a big blanket.
Many people turned around and didn't go in but we didn't know what else to do.  We had already driven all that way.  Besides, we had passes so even if we went for an hour or two that was better than nothing.  While we waited for the thunder and rain to calm down, we stopped for apple turnovers for breakfast!  This is one of my favorite memories as a kid going to Silver Dollar City.  We would always go straight to the turnovers and have a hot one covered in apple butter before we went on any rides!  I hope that this becomes a tradition for my family and I!!!
Next stop, Ethan's first ride!!!  The Great Shootout is in a building so it was one of the two rides that were open since the others had to be closed due to the lightening threat in the area.
Owen wasn't so thrilled to be on this ride.  He wanted to go to the kiddie area.  Not only that but, he didn't like the fake people throughout the ride, I don't think he could figure out if they were real or not even thought we tried to reassure him.  He sat with wide eyes most of the ride until the very end when it was over then he was excited to tell me he got 100 points!  I think he was just excited the ride was over and he made it out in one piece!! : )
After that we headed over to the Geyser Gulch area (the rides were still closed).  The rain had stopped and it was warming up a bit so I wondered if Addyson was going to go run through the sprinkler floor.... I love how she pulled up her skirt to keep it from getting wet! ; )  She thought about it but decided against it...
Instead, they headed over to the area where you can spray targets with a huge water gun!
And we spent a lot of time in the ball area shooting balls with the air guns!  Since it wasn't a sunny day, the park was pretty much "empty" which made it SO nice to maneuver through!  There was no waiting for anything.  I told Brad we were getting spoiled by having this as our first experience of the summer!
Addyson had fun vacuuming up the balls and sending them to the higher areas of the tree house!
And she used this manual conveyor belt to send ONE ball up....
to the top.... do you see it right there by the net???
After playing in the kids' area, we went to watch a show.  Right now at SDC, is International Fest where acts from around the world put on shows.  That was one reason we went this weekend.  However, because of the lightening, all of the morning shows were canceled.  We were bummed!  We made sure to catch at least one act!  We got some kettle popcorn, good seats, and settled in to watch...
the Scissors Dancers from Peru!!!  While they dance they hold scissors in their hands and make noise with them which is how they got their name!  It was fun to watch!  While we were sitting there Addyson said, "This looks like church!"... the benches did look like rows of pews!!  Haha!!
Owen was anxious for the show to be over so we could finally go to he kiddie area and go ride rides!!!  It was nearing 2pm, our original scheduled departure time but, I knew there was NO way we were leaving before we rode the kiddie rides!
And really, the kids were having SO much fun and were being so good that you couldn't even tell we were missing out on naps!
On our way to ride the elephants, we passed the kiddie coaster and Owen said he wanted to ride that next.  I was a bit surprised but excited to try it out with him!  As we stood in line he wanted to back out.  I encouraged him to give it a try after all, I'd be riding with him.  Reluctantly, he put his arms up and away we went!
And he did great!  I think he even smiled!
As I was getting off, Addyson came running up to me, she wanted her turn.  "Really???",  I asked.  "Yep", she said!  And away we went!
She too, did great!  Me, by now, I'm getting a little dizzy.  Notice how I'm the one in every ride picture???  Brad was holding Ethan but I think that was his ploy!  He gets motion sick easily so he would have been uneasy riding around and around and around.  SO, I'm on every ride as I have to take one kid and then turn right around and take the other!  Gulp!
I was ready to head over to the smaller kiddie rides where the kids could go by themselves and I could have a break!
They had a blast being big kids!!  Addyson even gave us the "thumbs up"!!!
They took turns picking rides and sitting in the front!  There were no issues!
And, there were NO lines so they were able to ride all of the rides in about 15 minutes!!!  It is funny that we rode the lady bug ride last and the roller coaster second, we rode them out of order since the lady bug one is the slowest and most little kid friendly, that one should have been first with the coaster last! : )  Oh well, they didn't seem to mind!
Even though he couldn't ride any more rides, Ethan still had a great time being out and about and being entertained by ALL the things to watch and look at throughout the park!!!
To end the day, we ended up riding the roller coaster 2 times back to back!!!  First, Owen and I rode in the front seat per his request!!!  Then, he wanted to ride alone and I rode with Addyson!!!  See me in the blue in the car to the right and Owen in the red shirt 2 cars behind me?!?!  Wow, I couldn't believe it!  Before I know it, we are going to be riding the "Fire in the Hole"!!!  We left the park at 4 and the kids crashed in the car!  What a great day with my family at SDC!!!  I can't wait to go back!

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