Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Look who can sit!!! All by himself!!!
And he is VERY proud of himself!!!
He is pretty good at keeping his balance and sitting for minutes at a time but, since he is still brand new at this.... he falls over after a couple of wiggly minutes!!!
This turned into a big event at our house this morning!!!  The kids were so happy for Ethan too!  Look at them documenting it.... wonder where they get that from?!?! : )  I love watching them "OOOO"  and "AHHH" and call his name to try to get his attention!  I took this picture with my iPhone since they had my camera and Flip....
Owen got some pretty good pictures... this is one of his!  Ethan loved his new perspective of his toys!!  Checking everything out and then looking to us to smile!  What is interesting is that when E is in the crawling position, he keeps tucking one of his feet under him so I know it won't be long before he can put himself into the sitting position

Another one of O's pics, Addyson showing Ethan (after he had fallen over) some of the video footage she had taken of him sitting! : )
This is what a fun filled morning looks like at our house!!

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