Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soccer Take 2

Today was Owen's second soccer game.  Despite the fact that I took a lot of pictures last time and the pictures will probably all look the same, I brought along my camera to take more pictures of my soccer star!  I was just as impressed today as I was last time... it wasn't just beginner's luck!
The weather was beautiful today, much better than last week's cold and windy day!  And Addyson was soaking up the sun!  Unlike last time, she spent most of her time running around (not sitting).
And she went and picked flowers for me! : )  I'm getting a lot of "flowers" these days!
Ethan ends up napping during the games.  Nammie puts him to sleep and all is well until the game starts and we all start cheering! : )
Once Owen was done with his ball Addyson took it to play with!
Look at Owen in the front of the pack with the ball and all the little guys behind him!  I love this stage of soccer.... most of them just follow the ball around in a pack!
Here he is lining up to score!!!
And again!
And again!!!
Daddy even got in on the fun and played Addyson at a little one on one soccer fun!
 Our soccer star scored 5 goals today!!!!
That's a total of 9 goals for the season!!!

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