Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

After a busy morning, we were ready for a relaxing afternoon!
Uncle Chris got out his banjo and jammed for us and Ethan has a go at some avocado!
With no luck : (  He threw up again.  He has such a strong gag reflex.  Again, there is really no rush to get him to eat, it just seems like he is ready since he reaches for everything and always wants to put a spoon in his mouth.  I'll just try every now and then with a bit or two of food and see how it goes.  I'm sure soon, he'll figure out how to eat without throwing up.
The best part about this afternoon was that is was SO relaxing!  The kids swam, Lucy and Simon needed to try out their new swimsuits from the Easter Bunny and Owen and Addyson needed to try out their cover-ups!
Even Ethan got in on the fun!  He loved splashing by kicking his feet and he had fun watching all of the big kids play!  It was a good thing Aunt Holly was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, she had to rescue a couple of kids when they went under!
Look at that silly boy sitting on his Aunt's lap!!!
Once everyone was out and we had dinner, we changed over to jammies and opened all of the gifts from this weekend!  Ethan went first and opened his baptism gifts!
This is a silly face but I had to put this picture on here because it is a different look for him and looks so different to me!  He had "fun" sitting up and looking at all of the excitement!  He also liked putting all of his gifts in his mouth!  He got a couple of baby bibles, an outfit, and money!  Thank you to all of our family and friends for a great day!
Then it was Addyson's turn.  Poor girl, we held her off as long as possible with so many other things going on.  She had lots of help opening her gifts and she didn't mind one bit!
I love how the big kids were there to check out what she got and to get excited with her!
And they also helped with double checking bags to make sure she got everything! ; )
There was ONE gift we let her open early.... Kaitlyn got her a special gift and I wanted her to open it when it wasn't so crazy.... she got an American Girl Bitty Twin!!!  They almost look alike!  She was SO excited... and so was I!! : )
Addyson is a very loved little girl that got many great gifts for her birthday!!  Jammies, outfits, books, games, babies, and money!!!  Thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness!  Whew..... what a busy fun-filled weekend!  We will all be crashing tonight.... and I'm sure many nights to come!

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