Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time for Food

At 6 months we start introducing our children to food and today was that day for Ethan!!!  I could tell that he was ready.  The past week he has been grabbing for everything.... especially cups, spoons, and plates!
I was excited to be able to give him his own spoon and cup!!  Actually, he had his first cup of water at church last Sunday and he LOVED it!!  I wish I had pictures.  It kept him SO busy as he worked the cup over figuring out how to get the spout into this mouth.  I think he was finally glad to be able to start having what he sees others around him have!!!
This was also his first time in the highchair!  I am looking forward to being able to put him in the highchair and let him entertain himself in the kitchen while I cook!  He has been sitting on the ground in his bouncy seat but, I think he will prefer being up high where he can see everyone and everything going on!  He loved it today!
We don't feed our children baby food... we use a method of introducing food known as "baby led weaning".  The idea behind this method is that you cut up pieces of food small enough for the baby to pick up (smaller than the size of their pinky finger since that is the estimated size of the baby's esophagus) and that then teaches the baby from the very start to chew food.... versus learning how to swallow food without needing to chew it which then could lead to more chocking when solids are introduced.  We start out with very soft foods like bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes.  Tonight, Ethan had a banana and he liked it!
I showed him first how to put the spoon in his mouth with the food on it and then he wanted the spoon to himself!  The older two kids looked on with excitement!  I think they were just as excited for him and he was to be finally getting food!
It was a pretty successful go at banana.  He liked the taste of it... no real funny faces.  Then.... he gagged.  Turns out, he has a pretty strong gag reflex and he spit up.  This is something my other two didn't do so I'll have to learn to work with him as he learns to transition to solid foods.  I'm not too worried though, babies can survive on breast milk alone for the first year so if it takes us a bit longer to introduce solids I'm okay with that.  Hopefully being able to sit at the table with us and have his cup and spoon will be enough to satisfy him during meals for a while!

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