Friday, April 13, 2012

Trip to the Dentist

This morning we headed back to Dr. Jeff Ward's dentist office for the kids' 6 month checkup.  After our last visit, I was a bit nervous.  I expected the worst but I didn't let the kids smell me fear! : )  We went in all smiles and played it up!  Everything was great in the waiting could they not be?!?  So many fun games to play while you wait!
After our last visit we had talked about taking the kids back one at a time since they feed off of each other and I think that was part of the problem.  However, Owen was acting VERY brave and he has been a lot more open to things lately so I thought I'd give it a shot!  I was hoping Owen would be a good role model...
and he was!!!  I was SO proud of him!!!  Our dental assistant showed the kids all of the tools and explained how they worked before she got started and Owen did great showing Addyson how they worked.....look at her though backing up as far as she can in my lap!
Then it was time to get started!  Owen laid down, put his sun glasses on, and opened wide!  Not a peep out of him!
They were able to complete a FULL cleaning with the polisher AND scraping!  I was SO proud of him!
And he was really proud of himself!  He likes to do things "like an adult" these days and I'd say he visited the dentist like an adult today!
Then it was Addyson's turn.  She wanted NOTHING to do with it!  She was mad, however, this visit was still better than last time!  This time I held her in my lap and they were able to polish her teeth using her new toothbrush.
She was peed but, she survived!
After all of the cleanings, Owen went over and got his first x-rays!!!  Addyson watched for afar and when asked if she wanted a turn she said, "NO!" as she turned to get as far back as possible!  Man, x-rays have come SO far!  They take a picture and then right away Owen was able to see his teeth on the computer screen!  I think that was part of the attraction to him!
Then it was time for Dr. Ward to check for cavities!  Again, Owen was brave!
Again, Addyson was not a huge fan however, Dr. W was able to get a good look!  I'm proud to say that both kids are cavity free!!!
And Ethan is on his way to learning about good teeth hygiene!!!  They gave him this super neat baby tooth brush!  It is super cute, baby friendly, and perfect for this teething baby!
After Dr. W visits the kids they get a coin to use to get a prize from the prize dispense!  Owen remembered this from last time and has been asking since this morning to get a mustache like last time!!  Funny guy!
Wanting just what her big brother got, Addyson got a mustache as well!  We were cracking up looking at her!!!  Too funny!!!  At least this helped put a smile on her face as we left!
Healthy smiles and happy kids with their hands full of goodies that they get each visit!!!  If you are looking for a dentist for your child I highly recommend Dr. Ward!  Next time, Ethan will be getting his first baby check up!  Wonder how that will go!  I hope Addyson will be able to set a good example for him!  We'll see!

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