Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trip to the Doctor

Today, Addyson and Ethan had their well-check doctor visits and I braved taking them by myself!  I was nervous.... remember my last visit?!?!  It was crazy!  Addyson wouldn't let them measure or weigh her and there was lots of screaming and crying as they tried to examine her.... I was bracing for the worse!
I had to take Owen potty and I came back to see this..... Nurse Jane was measuring Addyson!!!  WHAT?!?!  Turns out she had already stood on the scale to be weighed!  I was shocked and thankful!!!  Maybe she did so good because I wasn't there!!!  I quickly grabbed my camera so I could document it and kept telling her over and over again how proud I was of her and how she was such a big girl now!!
Look at that smile while Nurse Jane checks her blood pressure!!!  Awww.... my big girl!!!  I love how Owen is always close by keeping an eye on her and there for support!
When Dr. Keever came in Addyson told him that Ethan wanted to go first.... I think she was hoping he would forget about her! ; )  However, Addyson went first and did good!  She sat on my lap (thank goodness for Ethan's carseat that I used as an extra set of "hands" when I needed them) and there was minimal crying... she was really brave!  She checked out healthy!  Then it was Ethan's turn and both kids were there to watch as Dr. Keever checked out our healthy (big) baby boy!  Both kids got shots and they did pretty good.  I had to hold Addyson down but it wasn't too traumatic for either of us.  Ethan laid on the table and I nursed him for his shots.  All in all, it was a pretty good experience.... only down side is that we were there for 2 hours!!!  Ugh... anyone else have to wait an hour just to get back to your room?!?!  So given the fact that we were there so long and the kids did great and I did it all alone, I'd say we had a successful morning!!!  I'm thankful that Addyson had a great experience... I hope that leads to easier doctor visits in the future!

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