Sunday, April 1, 2012

Water Fight

Warm weather + water balloon gift from Colby =
 Balloon fight!
Funny story, the kids each threw their balloons towards the ground.... not at Colby like I had suggested.... then, Colby took his balloon and smashed it between where it sprayed everywhere... and mostly got Addyson.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of that!  Then, Addyson cried! : (  Poor thing!  I don't think she liked that very much... I think it startled her more than anything.  I encouraged her to go get another balloon and throw it AT Colby!!!  That never happened but Owen made up for it later....
Just a silly picture to put on here.... can you believe we have our pool out???  The kids got in and swam in their undies!!!  And the water was cold..... cool enough to keep our wine chilling as we sat outside! ; )
Speaking of cold water... Brad filled up the water balloon pump with ice water and then gave it to Owen....  He went after Colby!!! Brrr!!!  See, I told you he would get him back for Addyson!!!
And the chase was on!!!  About water balloons.... I hate them!  They are SO little!  Hard to fill with the hose!  And, make a mess.... little pieces everywhere!  The kids.... they LOVE them!  They are really good at picking up the little pieces which makes it hard to tell them "No" when they ask since they pick up after themselves.  These darn balloons just seem to be SO much work for a quick throw and burst especially since the kids are just throwing them at the ground so I don't even get a good laugh out of it!  Colby just made life a bit easier.... he found this great pump that you fill with water, pump the handle, pull the trigger and it fills up the balloons really easily!  It was a great gift on this hot day!
An even better gift when Owen realized it could be used as a water gun.... no balloons needed!!!  He came after me with that ice cold water that Brad filled it with and I quickly turned him around and sent him out to get daddy!!!
Smart kid got tired of chasing daddy around the trampoline so he just climbed in to get closer to Brad!!!  That's good problem solving!!!!  Lots of good laughs.... and wet clothes!  Thanks for the fun gift, Colby!

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