Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cooler Evening

Tonight the weather is SO cool!  It is so nice!  I spent it outside with the kids while Brad had to go back up to work.  It was so cool that I actually thought I should put a jacket on E!
Everyone was so happy... outside puts us all in a good mood!  Ethan had something to chew on, Owen was ready to play catch, Chelsey was ready to play fetch, Shilo was chasing birds
and Addyson (in her rainboots) was picking grass and waiting for someone to push her in the swing!!!
Life is good!
I was actually managing making everyone happy by myself!  I would play catch with O.... after I would throw the ball to him I would throw the ball for Chelsey.... after that I would run and push Addyson in the swing to get her to go high enough for a couple of tosses with O..... and I would look over and smile at E!  We were all good!!!  Then, it was my break time after about an hour of that.  Addyson let Owen take over my position as swing pusher.....
And I went and had a nice glass of wine on the blanket with E!  Isn't he the happiest guy ever!
Dancing with Joy for cool summer evenings!!!!  We could get use to this!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Story Behind the Photo

Every time I look at this picture I have to laugh!!!  It is SO funny!!! And, it is especially funny if you know Addyson and her personality!
So, here is how the story behind this pictures played out......
My mom had my kids that morning and got them Gatorade.  They don't get this often SO it is a super special treat and they carry the bottles around with them for days.
My mom dropped the kids off and stayed for a bit to hang out with Charley and Ethan.  They were all playing so cute under the tent that I went to grab my camera for a picture!  I was going to talk about how most grandparents are good with all grandkids and friends... remember, I have several pictures of Charley's grandparents helping/playing with my two and wanted to show that my mom  does the same for my friends' kids!
So, I'm trying to get a picture with ALL 4 kids looking.... good luck with that one!!!  Ethan spies Addyson's Gatorade bottle and goes for it... which means he is not looking at the camera.  So....
My mom pulls E back to make him smile and we try to talk Addyson into giving up her bottle.  No way!!!  She is NOT having that.  SO, I try to talk O into it... "just real quick!  just for a quick pic!  Please!"  "No!"
Then, somehow, not exactly sure but, I think I took O's bottle to give to E while I was trying to talk to O about it.... asking AFTER I took (big mistake).... and somehow Charley ended up with Owen's bottle so both O and E are upset and I'm sure Addyson is afraid that her bottle is next to go!  Too funny.... as long as you are on this end of the fun and not O or E!!! : )

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Second Haircut

My mom watched the kids yesterday and she asked Addyson when she was going to get another haircut.  Addyson said she wanted to get one the next day.  So, that is what we did!  Addyson asked Nammmie to come with so of course, Nammie left work early to accompany Addyson to her haircut!
Look how long her hair is getting!!!  It is still short compared to most girls her age and at times I forget how long it has gotten then, I look back through pictures taken just a few months ago and you can see how much it has grown!
Here is the crazy back!!!
Owen wanted a haircut too but that wasn't in my plan.  I talked him into sitting in the car next to her and he was happy with that!
Her last haircut, she did great until the end, the bangs, and she lost it!  The lady just ended up cutting straight across and I wasn't a fan of that look. So, I thought ahead and asked her to start with the bangs first.  She cut across and then cut them with the "jagged" ends (not sure what it is called) and Addyson did great!!   I was glad to have that hard part behind us!
Then she sat great for the rest of her haircut!!!  A much better experience than last time!  She even followed directions and looked down when asked (I think that is what set her off last time, she didn't want to look and we kept asking her to).
Here she is all trimmed up!!!  Haircut compete!  Success!
And she even let the lady blow dry and style her hair!!!  Having a gift card in her hand for ice cream when she was done might have helped a little bit!! : )
Here is her new do!!!  Her hair is SO fine that her bangs still look like they were just cut straight so it will take me a little bit to get use to it.  Maybe I don't like it because she looks more grown up. 
Here is the back!  Cute!  Between trying to grow it out and having the awkward stages PLUS the 3-4 cowlicks she has in her hair, she has some crazy parts that we are going to just have to manage until it gets a bit longer... should only take another 2-3 years!!! ; )
Every trip to Pigtails and Crewcuts is followed by a trip to Coldstone!  Perfect post-haircut treat!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Ethan has a new love!!!
 It is avocado that he can eat by himself out of the mesh feeder!!!  He can self feed and he doesn't choke!  He LOVES it!!!!
Can you tell??? : )

Caption This

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Night at the Ballpark

Tonight, the whole crew went to a Natural's game!!!  It was Farmega's first time to a baseball game!  It was exciting to be a part of her first experience!!!  (have you noticed this is the third post for this day?!?!  Have company in town has kept us busy... no wonder my kids are exhausted; Botanical Gardens, quick nap, soccer game, quick cool down at the house, Natural's game with a late night... whew!!!)
I put Ethan in the BabyHawk since it was his bed time and we had all already had a long day so I figured he'd sleep most of the game.... wrong!  He was awake the whole time!  Too much excitement I guess!
Part of the fun of baseball games, all of the fun treats you get to get and/or try for the first time!  Daddy took them to get a snack and they came back with cotton candy!  I was a bit shocked but, it is a holiday weekend so I guess anything goes!! : )  They sure loved it!
Trying to catch a shirt!  No luck : (  Maybe next time!
After a great win by the Naturals, we sat back and enjoyed the fireworks... yep, E was still awake!  And he loved the fireworks!!!
And so did my kids!!!  Now, we will probably ALL go home and crash!!!  What a day it has been!  The perfect All American weekend!

Soccer Sunday

So I said week two of soccer that I wasn't going to take pictures every week but, I just can't help myself!!!!  Too many great picture opportunities!!!
Like when they sat all the kids down for a professional picture.... I just had to get in there and take one of my own!  The lime lions (or green dominators as we like to call them) was the only full team there.  It is Owen, Jaden, AJ, and Coach Tommy!  We have had a great season and I'm sad that next week is going to be the last week!  It has been so much fun watching and being a "soccer mom"!!!
Ethan has enjoyed his outside time playing, eating snacks, watching all of the fun, and
hanging out with Nammie!!!  He has really started to recognize who she is and when she comes to soccer he has started to go over to her!!!
Addyson has enjoyed the outside time as well.... and being super silly!  She sits by me and takes my drink.....
and makes a mess on purpose and thinks it is the funniest thing ever!  And, it is.  She is crazy!  I guess, in this heat, I wouldn't mind dumping water all down my front either! : )
 Once Owen is done with his soccer ball, Addyson loves to take the soccer ball and run up and down the field beside Owen!  She is getting her exercise too and getting better at handling the ball.... on her own terms!!!  I think this was the better option for her this season instead of putting her on a team!
As Addyson was making goals on the other field, Owen was dominating on his field today!!!  He scored first thing out and kept scoring!
Maybe it was having so many cheerleaders today that inspired him!!!
Look at that shot in!!!!
And there he goes again!!!  This is probably goal 6 and we are just halfway through the game!
I loved how Sara and Rod's family were just as in the game as I was!  I know Owen had to feel the love today!
I love how the boys charge out once they see the other team has left their goal side with the ball!!!!  They run straight up to the ball, block it, take it, and head to the goal to score!!!  They have it down as a science now!  They are even starting to pass it to each other but, they still want to be the one that ends up scoring a goal!  Owen ended up scoring 10 goals today!
And he was a happy guy!!
End of game huddle
"We Love Soccer"!!!
Hot, sweaty, tired, thirsty, hungry, and ready to take his shoes, socks, and shinguards off!!!
He played a great game and I'm so proud of how much he has grown and learned this season!