Saturday, May 26, 2012

Backyard BBQ

This afternoon we hosted a BBQ in our backyard for Sara, Rod, and Charley.  They haven't been to Fayetteville since they left 2.5 years ago and many people have not met Charley so we thought a BBQ would be the perfect way for many people to get to meet her and it would be fun and relaxing for the kids!
My big kids were playing great and I looked over and saw them sliding down the slide together!
It was SO sweet so I ran over to take pictures trying to do so without them noticing me too much!
They had a little system going and it was fun to listen in on their conversation!  One would be in the front, they would slide down, go back up the slide....
and then the other sibling would get to be in front!
They did this over and over again!  Super cute!
Charley was napping for most of the BBQ so my kids got to steal her grandparents for some fun time for them and a mini break for mom and dad!!!
There were also plenty of friends around to help entertain!!!  Bayleigh wants to know when it is going to be her turn on the swing!  I'm sure if it was up to Addyson, Addyson would swing ALL night long with Bayleigh (and her mom) pushing!!!
All of that playing made for hungry kids!!!  There was no shortage of laps to sit on!!! (Addyson LOVES to sit on laps!!!)
Then it was back to play!  What do you do when you don't want your sister to push you on the swing???  Grab on to the bar next to you so she can't push you!!! : )
Our little cheerleader singing the Fight Song

We had the BBQ potluck style asking everyone to bring a dish to share.  Roberta and Tom (Sara's parents) are hosting a nursing student from Haiti, Farmega, and she made beans and rice like she would back home!!!  So yummy!
We bought a tailgaiting tent last year and it has come in handy!!!  I think we will put it to good use a lot this summer!!!
Our backyard was full of family and friends!!!  The Wittenbergs have to feel the love!!
I know our dogs did as they were comping on rib and lamb leg bones!!!!  The BBQ was for everyone!
Ethan even got in on the fun and had a carrot from the Farmer's market!!!  There were so many good dishes to choose from!
Then, as the party was wrapping up, Charley woke up from her 3 hour nap and the first thing she did was stop by the music to dance!!!  She knows how to put on a act for her guests!!
Then she made a beeline for Ethan squealing "Baby" like she does!! So sweet!
Of course, no night in the backyard would be complete if O didn't play some Razorback football!
Good catch!
And Addyson's night wouldn't be complete if she didn't get almost everyone to push her in the swing!!  When one person gets tired, just ask another!!!  Thanks Aunt Emily!
As Charley's party was getting started, Ethan's was coming to an end!  Tired guy!!!  All this company and fun wears us all out!! : )
And this is probably the only picture I got with my dear friend!  Us mommas are too busy chasing kids to pose for a picture! : )  Am I singing?!?!
And then, the rest of us were exhausted as the sun set, our bellies were full, our faces hurt from smiling, and many memories were made!!!  What a great evening with family and friends (new and old!)

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