Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bin of Toys

Ethan can get around now!!!  He doesn't spend much time with me in the living room with all of his toys like he use to.  I guess he is over them and over me!!  Now that he is mobile there is SO much more to explore... and taste!!!
He has figured out where the big kids play and found the big bin of kitchen toys (some of toys have been around since Owen was 1!!!)!  And now that he can stand up, he quickly crawls over to the bin, stands up and....
finds something good to chew on!!!  Awwww..... life is good now!
I remember when Owen was 1.5 years old and I was pregnant with Addyson and I was having a discussion about toys with another mom who had an older son and then a daughter that was Owen's age.  She had talked about how the baby just played with her son's toys and I couldn't believe it, I was in shock (again, I just had one)!  How could she not have kept the baby toys around for the baby?? Were the big boy toys too big for her 1.5 year old daughter to play with?!?!
Now, I get it!!!  See the baby toy behind Ethan??? I don't know when he played with that last.  Guess now that Ethan has discovered the bin of toys (and the rest of the toys in the playroom), I can get rid of our baby toys and let my baby play with big kid toys (*gasp*)!!! : )

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