Sunday, May 20, 2012

Block Street

I love Fayetteville!!!  So many fun activities and festivals to take the kids to!!  Today was the Block Street Party!!!  Block street has really grown this past year and so has the party!!!  We walked up and down the street and there were SO many people, vendors, things to do, and things to see!!!
First stop, Owen wanted to tye dye a shirt!!!  They had a great set up including a plastic bag covering AND apron for the kids to keep their clothes clean and gloves!!!
Owen carefully picked out each color and where it went!!!  I had asked Addyson if she wanted to paint a shirt and she had said "No".  Then, 2 other kids came to paint shirts and ended up buying the last two kid sizes and right after Addyson said she wanted to do it too.  Oops!!! There was a tough learning lesson there!
Luckily there was enough other things to do that we could move on and distract her!!!  Street performers, bouncy house, aliens to take your picture with...
and misting house to cool off!!!!  It was a warm one!!
Okay, so Addyson didn't go in the misting house or take her picture with the alien but, I think everyone had fun!!!
Owen even offered to give me a hug to get me wet and cool me off!!!!  NO THANKS!!! : ) We had soccer right before hanging out on Block Street all night so it was a very busy and very dirty, hot, and sweaty evening!  We should all sleep good after a cool bath!

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