Sunday, May 27, 2012

Botanical Gardens

Today we took our first trip to the Botanical Gardens for the season!!!  It was a beautiful day and Charley's Nana wanted to take some pictures of her at the gardens so we all went along!!  I forget how beautiful and peaceful it is there and how much the kids love it!!!
Owen remembered that there were chickens at the garden and he wanted that to be his first stop!!!  So, that is where we headed.... Sara usually walks the other way around the garden but that would have been a hard sell to get Owen to do something different so, to keep the peace, everyone followed O and I was thankful for their understanding!
From there, the kids went through the hole in the fence and headed to the Children's garden!  A spot rich with things to do and see for the kids!!!  The run from thing to thing and then start over and run through it again!  First stop is always the bridge!!!
The the tree "fort".  Then up the stone steps to the nest in the tree and then back down!
Then, through the tunnel to the train!
"All aboard!!!"
It was a quiet morning at the Gardens which was nice for the kids.  They didn't have to wait to sit in the coveted engine seat and they could stay and play there as long as they wanted!!!  They were having a great time!!
Then, back to the Children's garden of course!!!!
This time they spotted something!  What could it be???
A froggie was peaking out at them!
A new addition to the Gardens that we haven't see yet is the butterfly house!  We were excited to go check it out!  Addyson led the way... with her blanket!  She never carries a blanket around but today, she insisted.  I'm not sure where this was coming from.  All I can guess is that she is starting to get tired as she is getting less sleep from sharing a room with her brother and the lack of sleep is starting to affect her a bit.  I didn't fight it... I just let her carry it around as need be!
The butterfly house is amazing!!!  We spent most of our time there!! Owen was determined to have a butterfly land on him!  Roberta tried as much as she could to help him!  Getting his hand wet with water in case the butterflies were thirsty, standing still, helping him reach out.  Still, no luck.
Addyson thought that Ethan's puffs might encourage the butterflies to land on her.  Still no luck! She just ate the puffs instead!
The, some of the butterfly house volunteers came with newly hatch butterflies and our experience there took on a whole new level!!!
They walked us through the house and showed us where to look for caterpillars, eggs, and chrysalises!  It was amazing!  So much we had missed... we were too busy looking up high to look down low and notice...
Hungry caterpillars
some eating and some already hanging in position to transform
and eggs!!  Look at them and the tiny caterpillar!!  Amazing!
Ethan even enjoyed his morning at the gardens!
This sweet baby boy was ready to go home and take a nap but I just couldn't pull his siblings away from the butterfly house!  They were so impressed by it and Owen was determined to hold a butterfly!
Then the sweet volunteers let Owen hold one of the newly hatch butterflies!!!!  He was in heaven!!!  That made his morning complete!!!
Finally, we were able to head home to nap the kids and get ready for our busy afternoon!  What a beautiful morning in the gardens!!  Thanks Roberta for some amazing pictures (like the ones above of the girls hand in hand, Owen and the butterfly, and Ethan's close-up).

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