Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cooler Evening

Tonight the weather is SO cool!  It is so nice!  I spent it outside with the kids while Brad had to go back up to work.  It was so cool that I actually thought I should put a jacket on E!
Everyone was so happy... outside puts us all in a good mood!  Ethan had something to chew on, Owen was ready to play catch, Chelsey was ready to play fetch, Shilo was chasing birds
and Addyson (in her rainboots) was picking grass and waiting for someone to push her in the swing!!!
Life is good!
I was actually managing making everyone happy by myself!  I would play catch with O.... after I would throw the ball to him I would throw the ball for Chelsey.... after that I would run and push Addyson in the swing to get her to go high enough for a couple of tosses with O..... and I would look over and smile at E!  We were all good!!!  Then, it was my break time after about an hour of that.  Addyson let Owen take over my position as swing pusher.....
And I went and had a nice glass of wine on the blanket with E!  Isn't he the happiest guy ever!
Dancing with Joy for cool summer evenings!!!!  We could get use to this!

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