Friday, May 25, 2012

Cousin Photos

The whole family was at mom's tonight for an Indian dinner that was being cooked by one of our priests, Fr. Ravi.  While we were all together mom wanted me to get a group picture of the cousins since the other one she has doesn't have Ethan in it.
I know how hard it is for me to get 3 (young) kids to look at the camera so the thought of making 4 kids look at the camera seemed like a hard task.  We sat all the kids down and then my mom and Gina tried to get their attention behind me and I just started taking pictures!!!
Lots of pictures!!!
And much to my surprise, we got several decent ones with all 4 kids looking!!!  Isn't this a cute bunch?!?  In a couple of months we'll have to take another group shot when Troy welcomes a baby sister to his family!!!
Fr. Ravi made an amazing dinner!!!  SO yummy!!!  Since everyone was together we took the opportunity to take a group shot as well.  If you remember, at Easter that didn't go over so well with Owen who ended up standing by the door in the picture.  How did we get everyone in the picture today?  Reverse psychology!  I told Owen not to get in the picture and he did!  Maybe that is how I am going to get the older 2 to smile for me these days!!! Whatever works!!! : )

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