Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ethan's Busy Day

In the morning, Ethan usually hangs out in the living room by me playing on the ground with all of his toys while I drink my coffee.  This morning there wasn't a lot of "hanging out" going on....
 All of a sudden Addyson yells, "Look, Mom!  Ethan is standing!!!"
 I couldn't believe it!  I looked up and saw this little guy had pulled himself up!!!
And he did it over and over again!  He would get wobbly, fall down, and then stand right back up!  he was SO proud of himself!  I was a bit shocked.  He gets around but he doesn't really "crawl" so I was wondering why he was standing before he was crawling.  Then.....
 after I changed him over for the day.... he crawled!!!!
 Yep, he's had a very busy day today!!!! 
He is only 7 months and a week old.  Is this normal????  Normal or not, he is super proud of himself!!

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