Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Night with the Wittenbergs

We have company staying at our house for a week!!!  Our special guests arrived late last night so they kids didn't see them until this morning before they left for school which, is probably one reason why Addyson didn't want to go to school!
Sara, Rod, and they little girl Charley are visiting from Ruby Valley, NV!!!  Sara and I were in the same lab at then University while we were getting our Masters and Rod was in the lab beside us but he and I had several classes together and they were great support for me while Brad was in Iraq!!!  It was weird to go from seeing them daily to seeing them once every year and half because of where they live but, we will make the most of our time together!  They showed up and it is like not a day has passed... the only difference now... kids!!!!  Charley is 18 months old and Addyson is LOVING having a little girl around to dote on, drag around, boss around, and love on!!!  Last time we spent a long visit with them was when we went to Ruby Valley when Addyson was 18 months old!!!  Then we met them for a quick lunch in Joplin when Charley was 2 months old!  I've watched her grow up on the internet and now I get to enjoy her in person!
I think Charley is loving all of the attention!  Addyson does a great job of entertaining Charley, making her laugh, and getting her to have fun in the cold pool!!!  And Owen is being very helpful as the Watchful Eye!!!
Owen is loving having new people around to play soccer and other sports with!!!  Unlike Addyson, he remembers our trip out to Ruby Valley so he had a better understanding of who was coming to visit.
Our first night with company was spent as a relaxing evening in the backyard!!!  Afterall, that is the best place for kids!!!  In the backyard there is so much to do and see!!!  And you get to run around and have fun and not have to sit still in a restaurant booth!!!   First stop, picking red strawberries for our dessert later!
Next, Owen spotted a bird's nest in our fence!!!!  That was a great spot that no one else noticed!!!!  Inside the next, 2 baby robin birds!!!!  We got to see the mom feeding them!  It was SO neat!!!
Next, pizza from our favorite pizzeria in the backyard!!!  We have to introduce all of our guests to Gusano's!!!!  This was also the perfect way to celebrate Owen's last day of preschool!!!

Sweet Addyson story- Charley REALLY likes black olives so Addyson picked them off of her pizza and gave them to C.  A little bit later Addyson was sitting by Roberta (C's Nana) and was asking for her black olives.  Roberta said, "Oh, I thought Addyson didn't like them since she gave hers to C."  I said, No, she likes them she just knew how much C likes them so she gave hers up for her friend.  Addyson has the most giving and caring heart... always (most of the time) aware of those around her and want they might want/need!  Such a sweet girl!
To round out the evening, we introduced our guests to our favorite new dessert, Yonanas!!!  Have you heard of it?!?!  You take frozen bananas (and any other frozen fruit) and make ice cream!  It is just pure fruit but the kids think it is ice cream and it tastes like it but is SO healthy!!!  The perfect summer snack!!!  And who are the kids eating with?!?!  Charley's grandparents!  Our house is a little closer than NV to Alabama where Sara's parents live so when they heard Charley was going to be SO close they came to visit!  They will be spending 5 days in town and I know it is going to be fun!  What is so special about them is that they are SO loving and helpful to not only Charley but, to my kids to!  Here's to a great visit, a great night, and a great way to celebrate the start of summer and end of Owen's preschool career!

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Sara Wittenberg said...

Hey, we never made Yonanas! I got cheated! Do you think I could make this in a regular ice cream machine?