Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Race

This evening the kids' school helda race and carnival as a fundraiser.  They are trying to build a new playground for next year.  When Owen heard there was going to be a race he was SO excited to be a part of it.  He even got some of his grandparents to sponsor him and help him raise money for his school!!!
I wasn't planning on having Addyson run but it turns out they had a race for different age groups so Addyson got to run to!  Ms. Sarah counted them down and then the little ones were off first!
Ms. Bonnie ran with the first group to show them where to run... look who is close behind her!!!
And she is still in the lead!!!!
Then, she paused to give this guy a High Five and Amelia passed her in the curve.... that guy must have been cheering for Amelia!! ; )
Amelia, Addyson's good friend for the past 2 years, crossed the finish line first and then Addyson was close behind.
She was ALL smiles!!!  She had so much fun!!!  Maybe we have a future racer on our hands... just need to teach her to not be distracted by the crowds until after the race is over! ; )
All of the kids got a medal after they crossed the finish line.  She was very proud of it!
And she has good sports(wo)manship.... she went up to Amelia and they gave hugs and high fives!!  They were so proud of themselves and it was so cute to watch!
Next up, the 4 and 5 year olds!
And they are off!!!
And look who is in the lead!!!
I love this picture of him rounding the corner (and no one is there to distract him : )  )
He crossed the finish line first!!!  He was SO proud!  He really likes running and wants to be fast.  I think I am going to try to start jogging with him in the evenings and start entering him into more fun runs!!!
Very proud of his medal!
He too had good sportsmanship!  He was quick to high five his friend Jacob who also gave Owen a hug.  It was really sweet.  He won't high five his teammates on his soccer team but he was okay to do it here....maybe because he has known Jacob for a year.
After all of the age groups had raced, they had a fun race with all of the kids (mainly for those that had shown up late and didn't get to race).  Owen didn't win this race and surprisingly he was okay with that.... he doesn't like to loose..... but I think he understood he was up against some big kids (like 9 and 10).  He did do really good and kept up close behind them!
Even Addyson and her friend ran with big smiles on their faces!!!!  What a fun fundraiser!!!  They also had a 5K for the adults which I did not run because of being sick for so long... however, being around all of the running and seeing all of those who ran has inspired me to get out and get moving... and to get my kids involved with me!!!!

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