Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

The day has come......
It is the kids' last day of school for the year... that means it is also Owen's last day of Preschool!  Next year, he'll be in kindergarden.  This is the last time I will take his picture outside of this building... a building he has called his school for the past 3 years!
He walked in SO proud!  Tomorrow, he was going to be in kindergarten and he is excited (he doesn't realize he has to wait until August to be considered a kindergartener).  Addyson, I'm sure sensing my uneasyness, was NOT in the mood for pictures so she hung back and avoided me as much as possible.  I was hoping to get a side-by-side shot to compare with the first day of school but this is the best I got.
Here they were walking into school on the first day back in September.  Addyson has changed the most I think.
Here they are walking through the doors for the last time.  Am I weird to document each step along the way?!?!  I just had to capture everything that had to do with Owen's last day!!!
Here I am with my little man (Addyson again is avoiding the camera).  Today was my hardest day of Owen's preschool career.  I wasn't this emotion on his first day... I guess it hit me today that he is growing up (along with the rest of my kids) and all I can do is sit back and enjoy... I can't keep them little forever and that makes me sad!
Here we are at Open House in September (Ethan is in my belly!)
First stop, Addyson's class!
She didn't want me to leave... again, I think she was sensing my emotions and was feeding off of it.  She even told me she wasn't going to school, she wasn't going to her class, and she was going home with me!!!  I just sat on the chair until she eased into her last day, I took pictures and waited until she was engrossed in the tower building and then I quietly and quickly ran out of the room when she wasn't looking.  I know she is going to have a great last day!!!
Here is Owen after we dropped off Addyson at her class.  His last time to walk down this hallway headed to his Monkey Class!
Sweet Boy!  At this point I'm crying and he can't figure out what is wrong with me.  Why am I lingering around???  Why am I not as happy and excited as he is???  I'm going to try to be!  I promise!  Have a great last day Owen!!!  Enjoy every single moment of it! Before you know it, I'll be crying because you are graduating High School but, for now, I'll just cry because you are growing up before my eyes into a handsome, caring, curious, smart, and athletic young man!!!  I can't believe this school year is over!  Here's to a great summer!!!  I'm going to try to enjoy every day and savor having Owen around every day knowing that before I know it I'm going to be writing a post about his first day of kindergarten where he will be gone every day Monday-Friday for 7 hours a day... Oh how I'm going to miss him!!!  Maybe he'll want to do preschool again!!! ; )  Probably not but, here's hoping!

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