Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muffins with Mom

This morning, at the kids' school, was muffins with mom!  I look forward to this day and going to school with the kids and eating with their friends and their moms!!  I don't know a lot of the mom's names but, I know their child and his/her name!!! : )
Grandmas, aunts, and other female family memebers and friends are invited.  I'm glad that the kids have one grandparent that lives close enough to come to these fun events!!  It is also nice to have a helping hand with the baby so I can be more hands-on with the big kids!
This is my last "Muffins with Mom" event with Owen.... not sure how I feel about that!  However, I do look forward to going to have lunch with him at school next year when he is a kindergardener!!!
Ethan didn't have any muffins however, he is a huge fan of styrofoam!!!  He loved his plate!!!
This morning was a bit crazy.  There were more moms and kids than there were tables.  So, we sat in the row of chairs that they use for church... a bit hectic but still fun.  Brad doesn't see the fun in these events becasue it is so crazy and goes a bit like this.... rush to get food, juggle plates for you plus the kids as you find a seat (usually tripping over a kid or two on your way), watch the kids shove food in their face, and then sit there all alone as the kids run off to play with their friends.  While it doesn't seem like the kids are glad we are there and that they would rather play with their friends....
I know they were happy to have us there, to eat with them at their school, and to watch them as they play with their friends!!!
And this picture is why we take several picures.... if I could just piece together all of my favorite faces of each picture and create one super pictures I'd be happy!  This is a decent group shot... I like the picture above this one better but.... Addyson's panties are showing.... it is always something!!!! : )

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