Sunday, May 27, 2012

Night at the Ballpark

Tonight, the whole crew went to a Natural's game!!!  It was Farmega's first time to a baseball game!  It was exciting to be a part of her first experience!!!  (have you noticed this is the third post for this day?!?!  Have company in town has kept us busy... no wonder my kids are exhausted; Botanical Gardens, quick nap, soccer game, quick cool down at the house, Natural's game with a late night... whew!!!)
I put Ethan in the BabyHawk since it was his bed time and we had all already had a long day so I figured he'd sleep most of the game.... wrong!  He was awake the whole time!  Too much excitement I guess!
Part of the fun of baseball games, all of the fun treats you get to get and/or try for the first time!  Daddy took them to get a snack and they came back with cotton candy!  I was a bit shocked but, it is a holiday weekend so I guess anything goes!! : )  They sure loved it!
Trying to catch a shirt!  No luck : (  Maybe next time!
After a great win by the Naturals, we sat back and enjoyed the fireworks... yep, E was still awake!  And he loved the fireworks!!!
And so did my kids!!!  Now, we will probably ALL go home and crash!!!  What a day it has been!  The perfect All American weekend!

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