Saturday, May 5, 2012

Party in the Park

This morning we headed to the park for a morning of fun!!!  Doesn't Addyson look so stylish?!?!  I love it!!!  I got her these new flip flops and she was determined to wear them, she loves girly things, even though she has never walked in flip flops without a strap in the back.  We walked slower than the boys but, she was determined to do it!!!  I also got her to wear a bow!!!!  She is good about wearing a bow or headband while we are out and then will take it off as soon as we get in the car!  We are making progress!!!!
First stop, Pelinsue's birthday party!!!  Our little friend is turning 1!!!!  It was the perfect morning at the park and a great location for a party!!!
The kids had a blast playing on the playground!  They also got buckets and shovels as a gift and they got those early and were playing in the sandbox.  Shocking but, I didn't get any pictures of them playing!  And I have no idea why!  However, I did capture my favorite, "eating icing" picture!! : )
And I got lots of action pictures of the sweet birthday girl digging into her cake!!!  The best part of turing one, you get to dig into your cake, make a complete mess, and everyone thinks you are cute while you do it!!!!  Can you believe I'll be taking pictures of Ethan and his first cake in a few short months?!?!
Whew, al that cake eating and being cute is hard work!!!!
Sugar crash : )
After the birthday girl fell asleep, we headed over to the Humane Society Dog Walk that was going on at the park at the same time.  The kids had fun looking at all of the different dogs and I had fun getting samples to take home to our puppies!!!
It was a warm morning but so much fun and the watermelon being given out at the dog walk helped cool us off!!!  We had such a fun morning together as a family!!!  This idea of being together the whole weekend and not having to worry about Brad flying out anytime time soon is really nice!  Makes the weekend relaxing and laid back!!!!  Tonight, date night!  Brad and I are going to a fundraiser for Feed Fayetteville called Foam Fest!  That's the other thing about Brad being home so much, I don't feel as guilty about date nights and taking their dad away from them!  We are all getting our fill these days!! : )

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