Saturday, May 26, 2012

Picking Blueberries

Owen has been asking to go pick blueberries and today was finally the day we could say, "Yes, we are going to go!"  He was SO excited!  It was almost Ethan's nap time so we dropped him off at my mom's house and headed to Goshen to a blueberry farm!
When we got there, Brad gave the kids a lesson on which blueberries to pick... the kids already knew but it was just a friendly reminder so we were sure to fill our bucket with big, sweet, blue ones!  I told Owen that my favorite ones were the really dark blue ones and he set out to find them for me!  Each time he found a dark blue one he would say to whoever was around, "These are my mommy's favorite!" and then he would bring it to me!  It was really sweet!
Then the kids quickly went to work!  Picking berries high!
And berries that were low!
And many blueberries at the perfect height for picking!!!  So many to pick!!!
Dad was even in on the action, filling his hands up and then dumping his into Addyson's bucket.
Then Owen announced that there was a competition going on between dad and I... we didn't know about it but, once we did, the race was on!!!!
I tried to get Owen and Addyson to help me fill up my bucket before dad filled up his.... but, he didn't have a bucket so I'm not sure exactly what I had to beat him to fill up but, whatever it was, I was going to win!!!
With the kids help!!!  I was too busy taking pictures to pick!  And being the one that is always behind the camera, I had to turn my camera around to include me in at least one picture to prove I was there!
Addyson decided to leave Owen and I and go help her daddy!  He wasn't bugging her with a camera in her face while she was trying to pick and enjoy her morning!! ;)
However, after she visited Brad... and he gave her his blueberries, she came back to me and dumped her bucket into mine!!!  See my full bucket!!!  I think I'm the winner!
Well, I was until Addyson decided to start playing in them....
And eating them!!!  Sometimes one at a time!
But, there were times I would love over and she would be shoving a fist full in.... no worries Sweetie, I didn't get any of those pictures to hang over your head later in life!! : )
What is funny, is that all morning she didn't want to eat any.. she wanted to save them.  And then, at the very end, she decided to start eating them.   Maybe it is because she saw all of them that Owen and I were eating and enjoying and she wanted in on the fun!
Wow!!!  Look at that HUGE bag of blueberries!!!
Here they are with our full bucket!  It was perfect timing.  After being there almost an hour, Owen said he was hot and tired and ready to go home!  Great, our bucket is full and we are all ready to go!
As we headed to the car, Brad and I kept saying how this was the perfect morning for blueberry picking!  The weather was great and it couldn't have been a prettier morning and perfect outing with our big kids!!!

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