Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Tonight was the kids' End of the Year performance at school.  Tonight's performance was a bit extra special/ bittersweet for me....
It was Owen's last preschool performance and he was graduating from preschool.  Where did the time go????  I clearly remember sitting at the show last year and watching the kids graduate and thinking how much time I had before it was this sweet little guy's turn.  Now, tonight, it was his turn.  What happened to ALL of my time????
Each performance opens with a prayer.  As the kids prayed for their teachers and family, I prayed for strength to get through without too many tears!  Aren't they so sweet with their hands folded and head bowed?!?!
After the prayer, it was time for the performance to start!  Unlike last year where Addyson spotted us and then cried to sit in our lap instead of singing with her friends, tonight, she stole the show!!!  She sang SO loud, did all of the actions, and would shoot us a big grin every now and then!
I wanted to have a front row seat so I didn't have to worry about other's cameras in my shot but, because of last year and worrying that Addyson would want to sit with us, we sat a row back and now most of my shots have this camera in it.... oh well.... you can still see the cuteness of the kids as they sing away!  Here they are singing their school song...
Here we are at Sonshine bible school (they are making a sun with their arms)
We will sing and pray and have fun too!
We will learn about the word of God
And that Jesus loves
Us ALL!!!
Before the show Owen kept telling me that he got to hold up a letter!  He was SO proud!  He was able to sing and do all of the actions while holding his "E"!!!  You could tell thought that his arms were getting a bit tired towards the end! : )  The kids were all happy when they were told they could put their letters down!
After the individual classes performed, the kids got to go sit with their parents!!!  And look, she kept her headband in the whole time!!!
Ethan wants to know when it is his turn to perform!!!!  I had to tell him it would be two more years... I'm not enrolling him in the fall... I think I will wait another year to do that.  Gotta keep my baby with me as long as possible if he is the last one.... and I feel that way even more so now that Owen is growing up so quick!
After all of the younger classes had performed, it was time for the oldest 2 classes to show us their stuff!!!  Here they are singing an adding song!!!  Now I know where he learned how to add!!!  I've been really impressed at home with he spouts of some addition out of the blue!  Songs really do help kids learn!
He LOVES singing!!!  Can you tell?!?!  All of the kids did great!
After checking in with us, Addyson spent most of her time on her teacher's lap.  I think these two have a special bond!!!  We are really blessed that she was able to be in Ms. Merrily class this year!  We are going to miss her next year!!  She did share a secret with me, she will be teaching the kids' "special" classes so Addyson will still be able to have interactions with Ms. Merrily every week!  She totally understands Addyson and gets Addyson's desire to be a helper.  I heard from Ms. Merrily and other teachers at the school how Ms. Merrily would take Addyson to the resource room so Addyson could help gather supplies or help in other ways.  I left her at school every day knowing she was in good loving and caring hands!
After performing, the big kids went and put on graduation robes and then their name was called to walk up on stage where they got their "diploma" and were asked what they want to be when they grow up.  Any guess what Owen said?!?!  He said a Razorback Baseball Player!
Here is our grad!!!!
Then, like any other graduation, it was time for pictures!
And lots of them!! : )
Holding his "Certificate of Completion" out so we can see it.
Our Proud Family
Part of the reason I have so many pictures is because the lighting was bad and I didn't like the pictures without the flash and the ones with a flash have a glare so I have both up.....
Owen and Ms. Mina... she was a great teacher!!  Owen grew SO much this year and is totally ready for kindergarten thanks in part to all of Ms. Mina's hard word!!!!
Addyson and Ms. Merrily
See what I mean about the flash and non-flash pictures.... it was driving me crazy all night long!
 Family and Nammie
 Owen and his proud Nammie!
 Nammie and the grandkids
 So this is what group shots are like these days.  Owen doesn't like to look at the camera when you take a picture, he looks down.  Addyson is usually smiling.. sometime she "cheese" face.  Ethan is squirming.  Family pictures are hopeless these days!! : )
To celebrate, we headed to the new Flying Burrito on our side of town.  While we were there, Emma, from Owen's class, showed up with her family and Owen was SO excited!  They sat together at a table with Addyson and it was really sweet!!!  The perfect ending to our graduation celebration!  My baby is now ready for kindergarten!!!!

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