Friday, May 18, 2012


Today we went to a hands-on show at the Walton Arts center.  They had a show where the kids were a part of the show and my kids were excited!  I didn't know what to expect so I didn't have much information to give them but that was okay, the crew in charge of the show came out and gave the rules before we went in!
Then we walked through the doors and saw that the stage floor was covered in over 2,000 repurposed  boxes!!!!  WOW!!!!  We came to help "Build This City" using the boxes!
The kids went up on stage and started building towers, tunnels, buildings, and whatever else they could think of with the help of friends, teachers, siblings, parents, and the crew!
The kids went straight to work
Both of them were in on it!  Sometimes building together, sometimes building separately.
And sometimes, instead of building, they had fun knocking over what they had created!
And other times they had fun playing in/with what they had created!  Here is Owen going through his tunnel!
Towards the end, the crew gave the instructions to build the biggest tower you could and then at the very end they counted to 3 and everyone knocked their tower over!!!  The end!
From there, we moved to another studio where they had several stations set up with different activities using repurposed items!  Here the kids got to create a mosaic piece using odds and ends of plastic pieces and sticking them into clay!
Owen found a station with markers... it was set up for the kids to write on the big board but Owen made a personal art project and found a stick to put though his paper and made a sign for me!
This station was Addyson's favorite, she spent the most time here and Owen joined her at the very end, you got to string beads on different objects that had wire sticking off of them.  It was a great morning filled with creativity and lots to do to keep the kids engaged!  It was perfect for me too... I have been fighting being sick.... this is day 12 of me being under the weather and it is starting to wear me thin!  I'm beginning to think I will never get better.  My fever is gone but now I have the worst pinched nerve in my neck that causes SO much pain in my neck and arm.  So, having a fun activity for the kids to do was helpful for all of us!!!  So glad we live in a community where we have access to so many great learning and fun events for kids of all ages!!!  And one of my favorite parts about this show was teaching the kids about recycling, reusing, and repurposing items for our reuse!  What a fun morning!

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