Saturday, May 19, 2012

School Carnival

After the race, the school had a carnival for the kids!!!  It was so much fun!  The kids ran from game to game collecting prizes!  I love the set-up the school has.  The kids just ran and I didn't really worry where they were... I knew they were safe and having fun and if something were to happen there were lots of parents there that would let me know.... it is a wonderful community there at the church/school!
We knew the kids would be having so much fun so we even invited some friends to go with us!  Veronica has been helping me so much with the kids lately that I invited Isabella and Isaac to come with us and let their parents go out on a date night!  Fun for everyone!
I was amazed at how much effort they put into this event!  Even the fine details of decorating the cans for the can knock down!  I was hoping to get an action shot but I think there was too much other action going on for my camera to be able to focus quick enough to get a good shot! 
Little E did great hanging out!  There was SO much to watch!  He wants to know when it is going to be his turn to get down and get in on the action!!  I love that he is such an easy baby and is easily entertained!  His laid back personality allows me to spend more time with the big kids and take pictures!  Thanks E!!!
There was face painting too!!  The lady asked Addyson what she wanted and Addyson didn't have anything in mind so she started looking around for ideas and said some boy thing (I can't remember) so I started suggesting things she likes like ladybug, butterflies, and even soccer balls.
She settled on a lady bug!  And I love how Amelia is right there checking it out in the mirror with her!  These two have been such great friends since Addyson started at that school when she was 18 months old!!!
Isaac helped Owen check out his painting!!!  Such good friends!
They also had dinner for sale!!  BBQ Chicken sandwiches or hot dog, chips, and a drink for $3!!  And there was a bake sale for dessert!!  It was a great evening and awesome fundraiser!  Next year, I'll be running too!!!

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