Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Second Haircut

My mom watched the kids yesterday and she asked Addyson when she was going to get another haircut.  Addyson said she wanted to get one the next day.  So, that is what we did!  Addyson asked Nammmie to come with so of course, Nammie left work early to accompany Addyson to her haircut!
Look how long her hair is getting!!!  It is still short compared to most girls her age and at times I forget how long it has gotten then, I look back through pictures taken just a few months ago and you can see how much it has grown!
Here is the crazy back!!!
Owen wanted a haircut too but that wasn't in my plan.  I talked him into sitting in the car next to her and he was happy with that!
Her last haircut, she did great until the end, the bangs, and she lost it!  The lady just ended up cutting straight across and I wasn't a fan of that look. So, I thought ahead and asked her to start with the bangs first.  She cut across and then cut them with the "jagged" ends (not sure what it is called) and Addyson did great!!   I was glad to have that hard part behind us!
Then she sat great for the rest of her haircut!!!  A much better experience than last time!  She even followed directions and looked down when asked (I think that is what set her off last time, she didn't want to look and we kept asking her to).
Here she is all trimmed up!!!  Haircut compete!  Success!
And she even let the lady blow dry and style her hair!!!  Having a gift card in her hand for ice cream when she was done might have helped a little bit!! : )
Here is her new do!!!  Her hair is SO fine that her bangs still look like they were just cut straight so it will take me a little bit to get use to it.  Maybe I don't like it because she looks more grown up. 
Here is the back!  Cute!  Between trying to grow it out and having the awkward stages PLUS the 3-4 cowlicks she has in her hair, she has some crazy parts that we are going to just have to manage until it gets a bit longer... should only take another 2-3 years!!! ; )
Every trip to Pigtails and Crewcuts is followed by a trip to Coldstone!  Perfect post-haircut treat!

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