Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soccer Sunday

So I said week two of soccer that I wasn't going to take pictures every week but, I just can't help myself!!!!  Too many great picture opportunities!!!
Like when they sat all the kids down for a professional picture.... I just had to get in there and take one of my own!  The lime lions (or green dominators as we like to call them) was the only full team there.  It is Owen, Jaden, AJ, and Coach Tommy!  We have had a great season and I'm sad that next week is going to be the last week!  It has been so much fun watching and being a "soccer mom"!!!
Ethan has enjoyed his outside time playing, eating snacks, watching all of the fun, and
hanging out with Nammie!!!  He has really started to recognize who she is and when she comes to soccer he has started to go over to her!!!
Addyson has enjoyed the outside time as well.... and being super silly!  She sits by me and takes my drink.....
and makes a mess on purpose and thinks it is the funniest thing ever!  And, it is.  She is crazy!  I guess, in this heat, I wouldn't mind dumping water all down my front either! : )
 Once Owen is done with his soccer ball, Addyson loves to take the soccer ball and run up and down the field beside Owen!  She is getting her exercise too and getting better at handling the ball.... on her own terms!!!  I think this was the better option for her this season instead of putting her on a team!
As Addyson was making goals on the other field, Owen was dominating on his field today!!!  He scored first thing out and kept scoring!
Maybe it was having so many cheerleaders today that inspired him!!!
Look at that shot in!!!!
And there he goes again!!!  This is probably goal 6 and we are just halfway through the game!
I loved how Sara and Rod's family were just as in the game as I was!  I know Owen had to feel the love today!
I love how the boys charge out once they see the other team has left their goal side with the ball!!!!  They run straight up to the ball, block it, take it, and head to the goal to score!!!  They have it down as a science now!  They are even starting to pass it to each other but, they still want to be the one that ends up scoring a goal!  Owen ended up scoring 10 goals today!
And he was a happy guy!!
End of game huddle
"We Love Soccer"!!!
Hot, sweaty, tired, thirsty, hungry, and ready to take his shoes, socks, and shinguards off!!!
He played a great game and I'm so proud of how much he has grown and learned this season!

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