Sunday, May 6, 2012

Soccer (Take 3)

Not to over-do the blog with soccer pictures, I decided to leave my camera at home and just sit back and enjoy the game then.....
 Cute stuff started happening and I was SO mad I "forgot" my camera!!!  Ethan was sitting up in a chair for the first time and I was about to miss documenting it!!!  Thank goodness for iPhones with good cameras!!!  So, guess what.... I'm about to put more soccer pictures up!  Every game opens itself to new great moments that need to be captured, shared, and frozen in time!!!!
 Right Ethan?!?!  Usually Ethan naps during the games but not today!!!  We had a blanket in the car and he loved being down on the ground with Nammie (who also acted as his bodyguard to protect him from incoming balls and the flock of kids that follow behind them!!! : )  )
 Ethan thought it was pretty cool to get to play with (or eat) his big brother's soccer ball!!!  It is not often he gets to play with any of their toys!!  Owen often makes the remark "I don't want baby slobber on that!"  Good thing he didn't see Ethan slobbering ALL over his prized soccer ball!!
 Ethan will soon be following in his big brother's foot steps!!!  Look, he is the mini version wearing Owen's hat and playing with his ball!!!!
 Owen, again, was the star of the game!!!  He scored 5 goals!!!  He makes me so proud!
 After a goal, they all run to their "home" goal and give their coach a High Five.  We are now working with Owen on team spirit and giving his teammates a High Five.  For some reason, he isn't a huge fan of this and shuts down when we ask him to do it.  We talk about team spirit and he wants to be a part of it as long as he doesn't have to High Five anyone.  All we can do is continue to be a good example and we cheer on the other kids (even the ones on the other team) and the other parents are really good about doing the same thing.  I hope we are all building great team players!  And I hope the parents continue to be supportive of their child, their child's teammantes, AND the players on the opposite team!!! : )

 After his game, Owen is SO hot, sweaty, and tired!  His face is bright red ( just like mine does anytime I play sports or exercies) and he is ready to get to the car, take his shoes off, and go home.  Today he requested to play in the sprinkler when we got home so he could cool off!!!  I use to love going out to eat or out for ice cream after games, I liked to show off to the world that I just played a great game and my bright red face made that easy for everyone to see!  Not Owen, he wants to go home and cool off!!!  So, that is what we did!!!

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