Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Story Behind the Photo

Every time I look at this picture I have to laugh!!!  It is SO funny!!! And, it is especially funny if you know Addyson and her personality!
So, here is how the story behind this pictures played out......
My mom had my kids that morning and got them Gatorade.  They don't get this often SO it is a super special treat and they carry the bottles around with them for days.
My mom dropped the kids off and stayed for a bit to hang out with Charley and Ethan.  They were all playing so cute under the tent that I went to grab my camera for a picture!  I was going to talk about how most grandparents are good with all grandkids and friends... remember, I have several pictures of Charley's grandparents helping/playing with my two and wanted to show that my mom  does the same for my friends' kids!
So, I'm trying to get a picture with ALL 4 kids looking.... good luck with that one!!!  Ethan spies Addyson's Gatorade bottle and goes for it... which means he is not looking at the camera.  So....
My mom pulls E back to make him smile and we try to talk Addyson into giving up her bottle.  No way!!!  She is NOT having that.  SO, I try to talk O into it... "just real quick!  just for a quick pic!  Please!"  "No!"
Then, somehow, not exactly sure but, I think I took O's bottle to give to E while I was trying to talk to O about it.... asking AFTER I took (big mistake).... and somehow Charley ended up with Owen's bottle so both O and E are upset and I'm sure Addyson is afraid that her bottle is next to go!  Too funny.... as long as you are on this end of the fun and not O or E!!! : )

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