Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TV Time

We don't watch a lot of tv at our house especially, during the non-winter months.  However, we have tv time every morning while I drink my coffee and try to wake up!  Owen knows to go in the kids' tv room and turn on the tv and sit quietly while he waits  for everyone to wake up.  I leave the tv set on the Disney channel so all he has to do is turn on the tv. 
Turns out he is learning while he watches tv!!  Every now and then he'll say something and I'll ask, "Where did you learn that from?" and he usually responds with, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"  Conversations like that help me not feel so guilty about our morning tv time!!  This morning Owen was searching for paper and I could't figure out why until I saw what he was watching...... Special Agent Oso wa making a paper airplane and Owen wanted to give it a try!! That's something I haven't thought to make with him yet!
I'm glad Oso had the idea!!!  We made a couple of airplanes and flew them this morning!!!  So, morning tv time is good for getting ideas for crafts and learning fun facts!  Not only that but, it helps Momma have some quiet time to drink her coffee and get ready for our busy day!!

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