Friday, May 25, 2012

WAC Garden

This afternoon was another full afternoon with company.  To start the afternoon off on a cool note we took them to Orange Leaf!!!  None of our guests had seen a place like this so they were all impressed!!!  And Charley loved it!
So much so that she wanted some of what Addyson was having too!!! : )
After our frozen yougart, we walked down Dickson street!  There is so much to do and see!
And when some of the adults went to the used bookstore, we took the kids to WAC's garden!!!  I often forget that this great green space is right on Dickson street!
It was the perfect place for the kids to run around and let us parents get some good pictures!!!  I know Charley's grandma got some really good ones so I'll have to post those later.  For now, this is my recap of the afternoon!
Ethan got to sit on the grass for the first time.  I usually sit him on a blanket since his skin is so sensitive.  He as enjoying exploring his surroundings!
He kept trying to stand up in but he had nothing to pull up on.  Then he started trying to get fist fulls of grass and pull them up to his mouth so he could taste them!
He managed to pull a few blades!!!  Look at those sweet, chubby hands!
And that is his "grass tasting" face! : )  I should also mention that when I went to pick him up there was a HUGE cockroach crawling across his legs.... EEWWWW!!!!!  I was getting him at just the right time!!!
While I was having a mini photo shoot with Ethan, the big kids were busy at play.  Owen did NOT want his picture taken so he avoided me as much as he could.... again, I hope Charley's Nana got some good pictures.  Addyson also did not want to have her picture taken but, she didn't avoid me so I was able to get a few tender moments of her and Charley.  Where there is one girl, you'll often see the other!
They played several games of hide-n-seek with Sara... look how Addyson stands when she counts : )
I didn't play.... I just took pictures!!! : )  Here is sweet Charley!
And my sweet Addyson with her crazy hair!!!  Maybe I'll be able to talk her into a haircut soon!
And here is Addyson's band-aide!  Is she hurt?  No.  She bonked her head this morning (very lightly on the doorknob) and she needed a band-aide.  I didn't mind since she never wears a band-aide longer than 5 minutes.  Today, when the ouchie looks super dramatic.... she wears the band-aide ALL day!  Crazy!!!  When Owen say it this morning he asked in a super concerned voice, "Are you bleeding, Addyson?"  "No" she said and that was that.  Owen no longer had to worry and Addyson carried on... all day with a band-aide on the side of her face!
It was a beautiful afternoon in the garden!  We need to go there more often if we ever take the kids down to Dickson for dinner or ice cream!  It was so peaceful and beautiful!

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