Friday, June 29, 2012

Cooling Off

We are here, Northern Indiana, and enjoying the start of our vacation!  There is a pool that is between our camper and the back door to Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy's house so our first stop this morning was......
the pool!!! Uncle Mark was afraid his pool wouldn't get much use.... boy, was he ever wrong!  Turns out we got the award for the earliest swim in the pool!!!!  In this heat, 100+ degrees, the pool is the best place to spend our day!!!
And apparently the size of the pool doesn't affect the amount of fun one can have!!! : )
The mode of transportation to get to the pool.... a wagon of course!
I love seeing how much the kids learned at swim lessons!  Ok, they didn't learn to plug their nose.... they were actually taught to hum in the water but,
She did learn how to put her face in the water and she is getting much better at doing this... she is getting brave!
And they learned to "blow" the water out of their face since there isn't always a towel handy.  She will blow but still needs to wipe her face off!  She is so funny to watch!
Owen had SO much fun jumping in!!!  He would get a running start and then...
try different kids of jumps.  Here is a cannonball he saw cousin Kevin do earlier and make a big splash.  He was determined to do the same!
then he did a "jack knife"!!!  He was proud of this one!
Ethan even enjoyed being able to cool off!!!  I was thankful they had this kiddie sized pool!  So was Ethan, the big pool was a little too cool for him (made him cry) and this pool's temperature was just right for this little swimmer!
And doesn't he look cute in his towel from the Easter Bunny?!?!  I could get use to the heat if we had a big pool to cool off in!!!  I have a feeling we'll be living in this pool over the next couple of days!

iPhone Pics of the Week

 Look Ma, I can climb up in the dishwasher and help you with the dishes!
 My Kitchen Helper
 I can stand on my own now!
 Brother, Good Company, Chauffeur, Uncle and Babysitter all rolled into one!
 Date Night at the Blue Monkey
 My favorite toy in the house
 Look Mom, I found a dabber.... a blue one!
 Dinner from our CSA (with the addition of bacon, bread, and an avocado)
 Ethan is loving our CSA veggies!
 Look what I found in our garden!!!!
 Potty Break
 Looks like we are bringing home an additional kid from Chuck E. Cheese!
 Owen's first time chewing gum... I love how his cheeks are puffed out!
The start of our summer vacation!
 First Frosty... a treat on the road... turns out, neither kid is a fan!

Flashback Friday
Little Miss Sunflower

Thursday, June 28, 2012

On The Road

We did it!  We got all loaded up and on the road by 7:45 am!!!  I was hoping to leave sooner than that but we had a few issues with our generator that held us back.  I spent the week packing and getting ready so there wasn't much (on my end) to do to get ready.  The boys were up first so I had them loaded up and I let Addyson sleep until we were ready to pull out!  We all got settled in our spots and we were ready to go.... snacks, games, books, movies, and pillows... what else could we need for a long day on the road?!?!  How about a working generator!  See, this is our first RV so we have lots to learn.  We didn't know that the generator will shut off with just a 1/4 of a tank of gas left!  We learned that as we were calling ahead to big towns seeing if anyone could squeeze us in as we drove by!!!  Once we figured that out, we were smooth sailing!
I even took a turn driving!!!  I drove for about an hour and a half..... just enough for Brad to get a small break and enough for me to get my fill!  Let me tell you, it was exhausting!  I was "ON" the whole time.  I did fine and I'm sure it will get easier with practice but, when Brad said he was ready to drive again, I let him!!!  Then...
I went back and took a nap with the kids!!!  I was actually the first one (after Ethan) to fall asleep!!!  In my defense, we went to bed at midnight (we were at Chuck E.'s a little longer than planned) and I was up at 5... I never sleep good the night before a big trip.  So, the little sleep combined with driving was the one, two punch!  Everyone gets nice and cozy for nap time and will sleep 2-3 hours on the road, that really helps pass the time!
Everyone woke up just in time to see the arch as we drove through St. Louis!!!  From there, we had just a couple of hours of this day's journey left!  What exactly is our journey?  I guess I haven't filled you in on that part yet.  We are headed to Northern Indiana to have a family reunion with Brad's family and from there we will head up to Canada to visit my family!  Brad will stay in Canada for a week and then fly home to work.... after a couple of weeks he will fly back to help me drive the kids back home!  This should be a month full of memories!  Today, we have 11 hours of driving behind us!!!  It actually took us 13 hours and the kids were great!  The last 30 minutes is rough as we all get antsy to get there but I'll take 30 minutes of crazy if the other 12.5 hours are peaceful!!!!  We are now camping in his Aunt and Uncle's backyard and the rest of the family will show up tomorrow!  I'm so excited for our summer road trip!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Party for Owen

Owen and I spent the morning together... we had make-up swim lessons so we took the younger two to play with friends while Owen and I ate doughnuts on the way to lessons!  There, he was a champ, swimming by himself and jumping in like a big 5 year old!  From there we went shopping for his Razorback book to buy with his birthday money AND gum... now that he is 5 he can chew gum!!!  It was fun running around with just him.  We met the Dixons for lunch at Flying Burrito and called it a great morning!  We had to go home and nap to be ready for our evening of fun!
Ok, so I'm one of those crazy people (at least according to my husband) that has to celebrate my child's birthday on more than one occasion.  Heck, if I could get away with it, I'd celebrate my birthday for a month if I could and maybe this is my way of getting as much out of a birthday celebration as possible!
Brad thinks that the party should be the main celebration and it is!  However, most times we don't have the big party on the actual birthday so when the actual day comes around we have to celebrate then too!  So, that is what we did!
He requested a Chuck E. Cheese party..., he wanted to do the Ticket Blaster that he had seen a couple of friends do.  All you need are 4 paying "kids" to get the party package so I signed him up!  We got there and the kids spent an hour going through their 20 tokens... plus I got 20 extra for signing up online and an additional 20 from a birthday email for Owen! Owen had fun playing all the games.  For some reason, he likes these games that are token pits...that's not my kind of game... I prefer the guaranteed small return of tickets versus chance big pay out... and I don't even think he gets that part of it.. he must just like all the lights and watching the tokens fall.
Another child at our party.... Addyson!  She took several pictures of herself..... funny thing is, she always came back with a picture that wasn't her telling us it was her.  We just had to laugh!
Another kid at the party...this big kid!!!  He even got in on the fun!
Cousin Troy also came to join in on the fun!  We wanted to see him and his family before we left and spend time celebrating with him... we will miss his party due to our trip and I'm hoping we don't miss the birth of his baby sister!
And that tiniest partier at our party!  Say "Hi!" Ethan!  I think he had fun kicked back, eating crackers, and watching all of the fun!
Nammie was also there to enjoy the fun!!  And riding with Addyson is fun and wild!  I said I would never get on a real jetski with her for fear of getting sea sick with all of the twists and turns she does!
Chuck E. came out to dance with the kids and give out tickets!  I was surprised how close Owen got to him.... even Addyson got a little bit close!  When Owen said he wanted his party here I asked him if he was sure.  I told him that at this party Chuck E. would want to take a picture with him and put his crown on him and he told me he was brave now!  I didn't believe him but he was right!  I mean, he is 5 now!!!
This is the only Chuck E. Addyson wanted to get close to!! : )
And the fun continued!!!  Our party planned asked us when we wanted out pizza out... I just couldn' t stop the fun to have them come eat.  Plus I wanted them to get nice and tired so they wouldn't mind being on the road for 13 hours tomorrow!!
"Hi Mommy!!"
Brad got us a couple of beers to enjoy!  That is what is nice about Chuck's... they have adult beverages.... and they control they amount.... after 2 they cut you off which I appreciate!
The kids started getting antsy so I knew it was time to eat and have cake!
Talking Owen into stopping to eat was another story.  I promised we would go back and play games after so he agreed to one last game before pizza!
Our crew!  I love that it was so festive, they decorate and everything for you all for one low price per kid!  And I get to leave and leave the mess behind! Perfect!
Ethan even sat at the table with the kids and enjoyed some salad bar!  Turns out he really likes those mini pickled corn cobs!  Who would have thought?!?!
Then it was Chuck E. time!!!  Addyson ran to my lap and Owen stayed to give Chuck E. a "five".  He was right..., he IS brave!
And then it was time for Chuck to put Owen's crown on.... I had been trying to get him to wear it so people would know it was his birthday and he told me, "No, Chuck E. has to put it on me!"
And now his birthday outfit is complete!
This morning I realized that I forgot to get him a cake so I was asking him about it.  He told me that they had cakes at Chuck E. Cheese so I didn't have to get him one!  Perfect!  I quickly called up to order our cake and asked for the small one... good thing he also requested the round one!! I don't want a whole bunch of cake leftovers to have to get rid of!!!
And after cake he got his medal!  He was very proud of that!!!
What a fun birthday celebration for our big boy!  Now that he is brave with Chuck E. he is ready to go to Disney!!!  Guess we need to start planning that!
One happy Birthday Boy!
The kids love being on the big screen there!!!  They danced around until it was FINALLY time for...
The Ticket Blaster!!!!!!  Our party planner let Owen go first since she knew he was so excited!!!!
He loved being in there and caught the tickets one by one.... which means he didn't come out with a whole lot of tickets but the planners are great there... as the kid steps out of the machine they reach down and put a handful of tickets in the kid's crown!!!  He ended up with 3- 100 ticket papers and a handful of other tickets!  He was excited!
Before games, he opened his gifts!  He got a new fishing rod, Toy Story umbrella, Spiderman baseball jersey, football cards, and a fisherman figurine from BassPro shop.... lots of fun things to take on our trip!!!
Somehow I got the tedious job of munching tickets with him.... and he likes to take the tickets off as they come out so I had a lot of onesie tickets to do... probably took us 10 minutes to get...
362 tickets!!!  We also had 300 + tickets from the house and 300 tickets from the machine!!  A lot of tickets to go around.
Happy Birthday Owen!!!
We hope you had a great birthday!!!  I know we all had a great time!
Want to know what 900+ tickets got us... a Chuck E. Cheese hat for Owen and 3 blue candies... one for each kid.  Boy, I'm thankful the other 2 were happy with that and didn't noticed that Owen got the majority of the tickets to spend... they are at the age where they just have fun picking something out and the fact that mommy let them get candy was even better!!!  What a fun evening celebrating Owen with our family!!!