Saturday, June 23, 2012

Celebrating with Nammie

It is a tradition that Nammie takes each kid out for a day of fun and one-on-one time to celebrate their birthday!  Owen was excited that today was his special day!  He was told to wear long pants, a hat, and tennis shoes... wonder what they are going to do!
I should have guessed that their first stop was going to be Rick's!  Nammie said that as soon as Owen got in her car, that was what he requested!  And that is why I told Brad to just give Owen fruit for breakfast at our house!!: )
Being the sweet guy he is, he asked if he could get doughnuts and sausage rolls for his family and take it to them!!!  He took time out of his special morning to bring us a treat!  He was excited to tell me that he got me an apple fritter because he knows I like them!!!
After that they went to PetSmart to buy duck food so they could feed the ducks later!!!  I have to give my mom a shout out here!  I was proud of her for taking along her camera and taking a lot of pictures!!!  I'm the picture taker in the family so if I'm not there, there are usually no pictures of the event!  Not today, Nammie documented it all!!!  Even the buying of duck food!!!: )
After that they headed to the big surprise!  Horseback riding!!!!  How fun!!!  And Owen got to ride his own horse named Noche.
They are saddled up and ready to go!
Owen's horse had a rope that was attached to Ms. Susan's horse... and look at the puppy that is along for the ride!  Owen told me that the dog had a job.  It had to walk along the trail and keep wild animals away so they wouldn't startle the horses!  You'd think they'd use a bigger dog for that job! : )
My mom was super impressed by the trail ride, the care they took with Owen, and the length of time they were out.  So, if you are looking for a trail ride new the Fayetteville, AR area please check out Flying Q Farms!!!  I know Owen had fun!
And it was a full adventure!!!  Which included the horses getting in water up to their bellies!!!
For a long time!!!  Can you believe Owen rode that whole time on the horse by himself and loved every minute of it?!?!
And he did great on the trail!  See the puppy behind him!  Wait, isn't the puppy suppose to be in the lead?!?!  Doesn't do much good back here scaring off the animals the horses have already passed!  Oh well, they all made it back safe and sound and hot and thirsty!  What a fun adventure!!
Next stop, shopping at Toys R Us to pick out his gifts!!!  A slip-n-slide for him and a Toy Story slip-n-slide water adventure for color change figurines!  How fun!!!!  Glad I told my mom what we got Owen for his birthday... because that is what he requested and had I not told her... that's what he would have gotten!  Instead, he got other fun things and I can see the excitement in his eyes when he opens his gifts from us!
After swim lessons the fun continued!!!  He and Addyson played with his toys until 2:30 (they normally crash at 1:15 after lessons) and they made a HUGE water mess in my kitchen but they were having so much fun!!!  Thanks Nammie for a great morning of celebrating with a special birthday boy!!  I know he'll remember this day for years to come!

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