Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sport Camp

At the beginning of the week, some ladies came knocking at our door handing out flyers.  The dogs were barking, my hands were full, and I get annoyed when I see people knocking... fear of what they are going to try to preach, sell, or pawn off on me!!!  With an annoyed look I just took the flyer and said "thanks" without asking questions or anything... no time for that!
When I looked at the flyer later I read that it was for a sports camp sponsored by a local church.  I think I said "sports camp" out loud and I had Owen's attention... he was ready to go!  This was on Monday and the camp started Tuesday.  The trick was going to be holding him off until Tuesday afternoon!
Then I read on the flyer that the kids had to have completed kindergarten....oops!  So I called up and asked that they allow Owen in... his sport's skills are above a kindergartener level anyways!  The head guy agreed and I talked Veronica into sending Issac so I felt better that Owen wouldn't be the only "little" guy there!
It was a great camp!  It was help from 4-7 Tuesday- Thursday!  They had a sports lesson, dinner, bible lesson, and then a "game".  They rotated through the different sports; soccer, kickball, basketball, and football (cheerleading for the girls)  So much jam packed fun!!!  And a perfect activity for Owen!!!!
Owen would wake up every morning and put sports clothes on and start counting down the minutes until it was time to go!  Problem, it didn't start until after rest so that made for a long morning for the two of us.... him in anticipation and me for the 100 questions about when camp would start and what they were going to do that day.  But, when it was time to go and to know all the fun he was having made it all worth it!!!
The camp was set up as a mentor camp!!!  They had teenage kids from another town in Arkansas here for a Mission trip where they worked in the mornings cleaning and fixing things at parks and churches and in the afternoon they were a part of this camp!!! Each child was paired with an older mentor who was with them for all of camp!!!  It was great and I knew then that Owen wouldn't get lost in the mix... afterall, the kids ranged from Owen's age up to 7th graders!
Not only where the teenagers mentors to their individual kid, they all helped each other!  Owen was on first base for kickball and the teenager there turned Owen's hat around, it was really cute!  Then, they told Owen to head for home!!!  Score!!!
So much fun!  The last day, Owen requested that we come early to watch him in the games (which is where most of these pictures came from).  I likes seeing him hold his own with the older kids and I was proud to see that he adjusted to being the little guy and didn't get upset or worry when he wasn't passed the ball... some of these guys were competitive and wanted to win and weren't really worried about everyone getting a turn.
 While we watch Owen, Ethan practiced his pulling up skills.... one day he'll be big enough to go to sports camp with Owen!
And the girls hung out and did their own thing... giggling the whole time!
At the end of each day the kids got a treat!  They also got to drink Gatorade while they were there... a HUGE treat for Owen!!!! : )  Sports camp was a huge success for these two friends!!!
Thank you Lindsay for being Owen's mentor and for your help keeping him involved!!!  He had a great time!!!  At the end of camp she told me that Owen was the cutest kid there!! : )  She also told me that he did a great job and that she never had to worry about him.  At the beginning she was worried because he was the youngest but, he always knew what was going on and he kept himself involved!  That was good to hear!  I'm already looking forward to sports camp next year and I asked the kids if they would be coming back next year for a Mission trip.  They all said they hoped they were because they had so much fun!!!!  They also said it would be fun to come back and see how the kids have grown!  I really hope this group comes back!!!!  I know we'll be there!

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