Wednesday, July 4, 2012

9 Months Old

 Happy 9 Months to my Happy Guy!!!
We are celebrating at the beach.  There is SO much to do and see that taking his picture was almost impossible!  I tried all of my tricks; "Chi Chi", sneezing, laughing, and saying his name (he now looks when you call him... if he isn't too busy doing something else) and I could get a smile but couldn't get him to sit still.  This is normal though.  He is on the go!  Always exploring, moving, trying, eating, and getting into his siblings things!  Yep, he is now a toy thief!  The kids thought it was fun to get Ethan to follow them to their room to play... now it isn't so fun anymore since he wants what they have!  He is very good at cruising and crawling... he is quick!  He is also good at transferring and he is now standing on his own!!!!  He can let go and stand for 30 seconds to a minute!  He is trying SO hard to be able to stand up without holding on to anything but he isn't there just yet.  He likes to practice at nap time!  He can push off of me and stand up and he loves that game!  He also thinks about trying to transfer to items farther than an arm's reach away but hasn't gone for it yet but... he is thinking about it!
He is a super happy guy and loves being social!  He also loves music.  He has started to bounce and pat when he hears music or when we sing!  He has clapped his hands a couple of times but mostly he pats when he is happy!  It doesn't take much to make him smile!  He also laughs a lot, especially at the big kids!  He has a giggle and then a laugh that he makes as he breaths in.... it is really funny!  Along with laughing, he is very vocal.  He says; baba, dada, mum mum, nana, and other cooing sounds.  He is a chatter box!
Here are some answers to so fun questions-
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk but, I am starting to like to drink water out of cups.  Not a sippy cup, that is just to play with, I like to try to drink out of mom's cup
What is your favorite toy? I love lids, water bottles, and my play table.  I spend some time in my exersaucer but I'd rather be down exploring.  I like the bin of kitchen toys!
What is your favorite seat? I tolerate the exersaucer for about 20-30 minutes and then I want to be on the go.  I really don't like any seat for very long.
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson, Addyson spends a lot of time trying to get me to laugh and she is very good at it.  I look up to Owen and likes when he talks to me.
What is your favorite show? Watching Owen and Addyson but, the tv is starting to catch my eye!  I have also noticed 2 furry objects running through our house and I have started to try to get them!
What is your favorite thing? I like to eat crackers!!  That is my new favorite snack and if I am fussy a cracker will make me happy!
What is your favorite thing to do? Put things in my mouth and practice standing up and standing on my own!.  I also like to bounce up and down!  And I like to splash in the bath!
What is your favorite song? Baa Baa Black Sheep and now I like to bounce to all kinds of music!  I heard "I Like Being a Kid" at baby bookworms and that makes me smile now when mom sings it!
I have become a good eater!  I'm glad my mom keeps a blog because she looked back to see what Addyson was eating at 9 months and she realized that she was holding me back a bit!  She up the types of food she has given me and I love it!  Besides crackers and bread (my favorites), I also love eating carrots, zucchini, avocados, beans, tomatoes, hummus, yogurt, bananas, watermelon, and berries.  She hasn't really found anything I'm not a fan of.
I has also discovered his tongues and other people's tongues!  Most of my pictures have my tongue out like this!  If someone is holding me, I try to put my fingers in their mouth to find their tongue.  I think it is funny to blow bubbles and when my mom does it!  I also like to blow on my mom's arm and give her raspberries.

I still fight my sleep and it drives my mom crazy!  I am too busy to want to sleep!  I also have a strong pinch that hurts her and sometimes when I am fighting my sleep I pinch her.... Ouch!  That is my only bad part of my day... my mom tells me that she spends about 15 hours of her week trying to get me to sleep.  She wonders if I'll fight my sleep for a long time but I'm trying to get better at laying my head down by myself so there is hope I will one day soon be able to put myself to sleep!

I'm a busy and happy guy!  I wonder what new things I'll learn this month!  Stay tuned for my new adventures!

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