Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Friend Day

This morning/afternoon we went over to my friend Kathy's parent's house... another house I spent a lot of time at back in my days in Hillsburgh.  Kathy and I played basketball together and had classes together and became good friends.  On our class trip to Ottawa we were roommates!  Now, we have kids of our own who are becoming friends!
Really, it amazes me how I have stayed in touch with some of my friends from Canada.  Throughout the year our contact is minimal but we always get together when I am in town and not much (other than kids) has changed!  We get together and chat up a storm!  I love it!
Everyone is so welcoming when I show up with my every growing crew and they let us crash their place for the morning... usually staying WAY past nap time because we are having so much fun!!!  Owen was sure to wear his new Blue Jay shirt and hat today so he could show it off!!!
We spent the morning swimming and then Kathy made us lunch!  She has two kids, Sophie (4) and Chloe (2).  Everyone got along great!
After lunch we changed back into our swimsuits and went swimming again.  While I was changing the big 2 over I saw Ethan was VERY busy playing.  I got a closer look and saw he had a kid fishing rod and was trying to "fish"... he knew exactly what to do with it... a true Brewster!!!  It isn't going to be long before he is going on fishing trips with his dad and big brother... and hopefully Addyson wants to go shopping with me instead of fishing with the guys!!
Then we were back in the pool!!!  So many fun floaty things to play with!!!  Owen practiced his swimming skills and Ethan loved floating around too!!!  I usually get more pictures but I was so busy with the kids that I didn't get a chance.... especially once E got in.
Addyson loves to be well protected... wings and a tube.... I think she is safe!
We swam until 3:30!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Kathy had asked what time is nap time and I said... we'll know!!  And we did!  Just as I was giving the 5 minute warning they started melting down!  It was time to go and leave on a high note!!
As we were all changing over these 2 girls were kicked back and being silly.
I love how Chloe is doing what Addyson is doing just to mimic her!!!  And then they check in with each other!!!  I think they made friends!!!!  (last time we saw Chloe she was just weeks old so this visit was MUCH different!)  What another great day with friends!  It is a 25 minute drive back to Guelph and surprisingly the kids didn't fall asleep until 5 minutes out so I was able to go lay them down... but that made for a super late nap.... 4-5 when I woke them up.  I think all of these long days and short naps is going to make for exhausted kids for our long drive home!!!  That's what I'm shooting for!!! : )

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