Sunday, July 15, 2012

Belluz/Brown Family

This afternoon we were invited to a bbq chicken dinner at the Brown Family Farm.  This farm was home to my 3 cousins on Mar's side of the family; Lindsay, Tracy, and Megan.  Tracy and I are just months apart so I would spend days at a time at the farm during my summers in Canada.  Going back there today was a trip down memory lane!!!
Now everyone is grown up and we have a new generation of kids.... Tracy has 2 kids; Cooper is 6 and Quinn is 3 days older than Owen!  When we first got there Owen was still at the baseball game and Addyson was a little lost without her trusty sidekick by her side.  It took her a while to warm up... she stuck close to me... until Quinn got out her make-up kit and then those two were friends!
Uncle Gary tended the chickens while everyone mingled!!!  It has been a while since everyone was all together!
Opa and Auntie Kim
Lindsay, Me, Becky
My parents
Dieter, Brandon, Tyler, Cooper, Paul (Tracy's husband)
Kid table!  Finally time to eat some chicken!!!  And there were lots of yummy sides provided by everyone.
Ethan was SO tired... one thing about this baby... if we are out and about he does NOT fall asleep easily.  He will stay up even though he is exhausted!  He afternoon nap was just 45 minutes long (normally it is 2-3 hours) so I knew he was tired!!!  He wouldn't give in to sleep until after Nina walked him for a long time and then Opa took over and he finally gave it up!  Crazy kid!
Great family gathering! In the blue shirt is Papa and around to the yellow shirt is Uncle Roy, Tracy, Paul, Quinn, Laura, Gary, Wes, Megan, and Pushpa.
Before and after dinner there was lots of swimming going on!  Cooper and Quinn have a pool and they are excellent swimmers!!!  Owen spent a lot of time watching them and getting inspired!
And before long he was swimming under water away from the ledge and jumping in and swimming to the side!
He was brave!  I know he would swim without his buoy but it gives him an extra bit of confidence as he is still new at this new skill.
My little swimmer
Don't throw her in Tyler, she can't swim!!!!!
Ok, so I didn't say that to Tyler BUT... I did say it to Dieter.  I was standing at the side of the pool with the girls and watching the kids swim with the guys.... next thing I know I see Dieter (in slow motion in my mind) pick up Addyson and toss her towards the deep end... she doesn't like to get her face wet so you can imagine what she thought about being thrown in.... I couldn't believe it! As I say, "Dieter, she can't swim!" he lets go and she goes sailing through the air... I'm frozen... not sure what to do.  I see her go under and right as I'm preparing to jump in or see if Dieter is going to grab her she pops up out of the water.. she was hanging on to dear life to a pool noodle and that saved her!  Whew.. I was SO thankful!  And so was she!
Dieter picked her up and handed her to me.  She was a crying mess... I thought she was done for the night.  I thought there was no way she'd ever get back in the pool and then... after several minutes... she did!!  I was so glad!  She didn't swim with Dieter... she stayed far away from him!! ; ) She swam with Tyler... still holding onto that noodle for dear life!!!  It was good to see her smiling after that mini traumatic incident!  All was better in the world!
And one of the last events was a soccer game... I spent countless hours on this huge lawn doing gymnastics, riding bikes, riding horses, and doing dance routines (which, btw, the girls are famous for...every family gathering we would spend the majority of the time practicing some new dance routine and then we would perform it for the crowd.. I'm sure our parents loved that since it kept us very busy.... tonight the adults were hoping for a reunion show but there was none...sadly... I think it is time we pass that torch onto our kids... who were a bit young to know what we wanted them to do but give them time... maybe next summer there will be a dance routine on this lawn at the end of the night and the dinners will end with a performance like they use to!!!  We'll have to wait to see!).  Tonight was an awesome family reunion and I was SO thankful I was in town to be a part of it!  I hope this is a yearly summer tradition I'll be able to be a part of!!!

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