Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cottage Pictures

Here are the rest of our pictures from our week at the cottage that have no blog home!!
What could possibly be wrong with this guy?!?!  We are at the beach and having fun!!!  I just love his cute pouty face!!! He was probably upset that I told him he could have gum right now... he is a bit obsessed with gum now that he can chew it but, he hasn't mastered the spitting out part yet so I don't let him have it all the time... only when I can watch and remind him to spit it out or at a time when I know he won't be too preoccupied doing other things that he forgets to spit it out.
Caesars at the beach!  Perfect way to kick off an afternoon!
Rafting with Nina
O and A rafting with Tete Bec
After throwing a fit inside, we told her she'd have to sleep outside so she didn't wake up the baby.  She was okay with that.  She asked Brad to go get her blanket!  Silly girl, she calls our bluff!!!  It was nice enough I'd leave her outside if I didn't think she'd get eaten alive by mosquitoes, racoons, or other wildlife!
Warming up after a nice swim on a cloudy day
Who needs to swim in the water when there is a fun stream of water leading to the beach to run in!
A stand-off with the seagull
Rafting with daddy.... notice Addyson's favorite water activity
Nursing Ethan.... I love that I can nurse anywhere and anytime!!!
Headed in...
What a great time at the cottage with our family!!!  Thanks Nina and Opa for a great week!!!!  So many wonderful memories were made that we will treasure forever!!!!

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