Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cousin Time

When the Fayetteville and Austin cousins get together there is always fun to be had.  Take a look and see the many adventures from their weekend together....
Yay, Simon is here!!!
Foosball game- older two vs. younger two
Aunt Cindy with the group
Will we both fit?
Hunting Cattails
Wanna try a bite?
Going for a ride.
 Ice Fishing (or mud fishing in this case)
 Wanna go for a ride?
 Here's the ball, Owen
 Cousin Pile-up
 Owen is happier that he isn't being squished by the group!
 Here Owie, I'll pull you!
 Dessert buddies - these two could be found going for seconds, thirds, and fourths together!
Best Friends for life!

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