Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 1- Cottage

We woke up this morning to a cool and cloudy morning.  At first I was a bit bummed since every day at the cottage is "suppose" to be a sunny day!  But, that didn't last long.  A break from the 100+ degree weather we have been dealing with in the states was much welcomed!  And a morning lazing around the cottage was also nice to sit back and catch up with everyone!
We are still outside and away from home!  Everyone is coming up with things to do and no one is missing their cell phones or tv!  You snack all morning and come in and out as you please!  And, if you want to eat avocado on the step, you can!  It is vacation!
After breakfast, you can sit in the "spa" chair and Tete will paint your nails!  She even brought alone her blue one for Owen!
There is a town about 10 minutes away and Becky and her boyfriend Josh went into town to go our shopping for the next couple of days after we sat down and planned out our meals.  In town they stopped at Tim's and got Owen his Timbits!!!  As we crossed the boarder into Canada that was one of the first things he said, "Mom, in Canada they have those little circle doughnuts!!"  Boy, when Becky walked up he spotted that box right away!!!  We all did!!! : )
Brad and Uncle De took the kids out in our inflatable kayak to see if there was any fishing to be had.
No fishing but, they had fun being out in the water and Owen got to show off the paddling skills he learned in Uncle Mark's pool!!!
And what ended up on the beach at the end of the morning..... a very tired little girl who didn't have the energy to walk back up to the cottage for a nap!!!  What is she holding????  2 Timbits that she is too tired to eat!!!  Gotta be tired if you can't even eat doughnuts!
After nap, everyone was happy again!!!  Wait.... isn't this little guy always happy?!?! : )
The weather was perfect for flying a kite!!!  One of the items on our summer bucket list.... flying a kite on the beach!
It was a bit chilly so I carried Ethan around to keep him warm.... since I packed with it was 100+ outside I forgot to pack pants and long sleeve shirts for anyone!!!
It all worked out though.... see, he is still happy!!!  Legs might be cold but there is still a smile on his face!
The big boys got tired of flying the kite on the beach so they decided to take it out to the water!  At first they were going to try a knee board but Brad had second thoughts and this way probably worked out better.....
They took out the 2 seater inflatable and let the wind carry them!  Those two, together, are up for any adventure!
Back at the beach there wasn't any kite flying going on... nope, Addyson was flying thanks to Tete!!!
Then Addyson wanted to sand surf!!!  She is also one that is up for adventure!!!
She would hold on and have Brad run back and forth pulling her on a "surf" board!  I think Brad did it about 10 times before he was ready for a break.  As you can expect, Addyson wasn't ready for a break so she started asking others to help her.
First up, Opa.  The probably with Opa was that it was his mission to get her to fall off.  Not so fun.  After 2 times of that, Addyson was done and moved on to asking me and others to help.  Oh Opa!!!
After an afternoon of beach fun, we were all tried... and thirsty!!!  Is Addyson our future bartender?!!?!  She is just SO helpful that she wants to have a hand in everything!
After dinner, we headed back to the beach for s'mores at the bonfire!!!  Despite the not-so-perfect beach weather, it was a perfect day!  We are just so glad to be here!

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