Friday, July 6, 2012


These past couple of days we have been working on checking off things on our "summer bucket list", we fly a kite at the beach, drank coffee at the beach (well, mommy did), played with sand toys, make s'mores, and today, we ate ice cream at the beach!  I'm sure when the kids made their list they had ice cream cones in mind but they didn't specify that so when we had ice cream cake left over from last night I took that as our opportunity to check another item off our list!  With bowls full of ice cream, we headed to the beach to fulfill that wish!  They didn't even mention the lack of cone!  They were too busy savoring the moment!
And some of us were determined to get every last drop of the delicious ice cream out of our bowls!!! 
I can't believe we have just a month and week left of summer vacation before Owen starts kindergarten... with that in mind, I'm determined to make it all the way through our summer bucket list!  So, having another item accomplished makes me feel good, that our goal is within reach!
Sometimes we don't always reach the goal in the method we thought we would.... sometimes the original plan/path just isn't possible.... no cones for the ice cream.... but, we improvise and find a way to accomplish what we set out to do.... eat ice cream at the beach.
The end goal can be possible if you are flexible in your method!  That is one thing I need to get better at.... being flexible in my methods.  At times I want things to be perfect... striving SO hard to do things a certain way to get a specific result... I'm determined.  Determination is good... it is what keeps us going when a plan seems impossible... when something you want seems out of reach.... when you think you'll be able to easily "walk" over and get what you desire but there is a roadblock.  No worries, there are other options!  I stress about it while in the moment and then when I sit and look back at the situation, I saw that it was "perfect" in the end, perfect for us, perfect for my kids and there was no reason to stress.  Things always work out as they are suppose to!  And usually, I'm the only one that knew what method I had in mind so when that method didn't work out but the end result was the same, no one knew anything went wrong!
Determination keeps us all going and the flexibility helps us keep an open mind that other methods are possible!  With both of these things, we will get our bucket list finished... and Ethan will find a way to get things that seem out of reach.... we are determined....Ethan is determined..... I am determined!!!!

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