Saturday, July 7, 2012

Driving to Guelph

Our original plan was to leave the cottage tomorrow morning but that was going to make for a crazy morning.  Brad has to be in Toronto at the airport by noon and on top of that we have to clean up the cottage and someone has to help me drive the RV back to Guelph.  To make things less crazy and to allow Brad time to see some other family members we headed to Guelph today.  Our plan was to leave at nap time but we had everything ready an hour before so we headed out with the kids while my parents stayed behind to finish up.  On the way home I wanted to stop for lunch... we had seen so many cute little roadside places on the way to the cottage that I figured we find some one the way home (we took a different route).
After driving about 30 minutes, the kids with heavy eyes at this point, we saw this chip truck beside a gas station so we stopped!  It was perfect!  We needed to fuel up and eat and here we got to do it all at once.  The gas station and chip truck had a Dutch theme and was SO cute!  The food was really good too!
They even had picnic tables set up and I got out E's portable seat and we were set for a nice picnic lunch of burgers and fries!!!
We were in no rush to head home, we were 2 hours ahead of schedule, so we let the kids play!!!  I love how no toys are really needed for a fun time!  I packed less toys this trip than most trips and honestly, I probably didn't need to pack any... they've hardly used them!!!
Who needs toys when there are big rocks to jump off of?!?!  A huge grassy area to run around also helps burn off extra energy!!!
The kids jumped from here over and over again asking me to take pictures as they did silly jumps or funny running starts!  It was nice to sit back and enjoy the scene!  I'm trying to soak up every last little bit of vacation before Brad heads home tomorrow.  I love that Brad and the kids are adventuresome with me and are up to stop anywhere and try anything!  We can always find something fun to do where we stop!
With full bellies and energy expended, we can head to Guelph and the kids will nap as Brad and I sit back, relax, enjoy the drive to Guelph, and reflect on our fun trip!!!

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