Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Dinners

Family dinners are a big deal at our house.  We love good food and good drinks!  I am going to miss these evening meals as a WHOLE family (minus Brad and sometimes Becky).  Evenings start like this.  We pour a glass of wine to kick off our night.
Addyson helps with the cooking.  She is there every step of the way asking what she gets to do next.  It is great!  She is happy, it keeps her out of trouble, and it keeps me from having to help!! ; )  See, if she is doing my share then I get to sit back and relax!  After all, if I was trying to help too then there would be too many cooks in the kitchen... at least that is what I tell myself!
While they cook, Owen plays!  He usually asks to help at the very end... when everything is almost done and at times gets upset if there is nothing for him to do.... why he doesn't ask until the end I'm not sure.  It is like he is interested but not enough to give up his play time!  Today he was playing with his skateboards in the skate park he built and then asked me to take a pictures of his skateboards!
And then Ethan wanted in on the fun.  Usually Ethan is doing his own thing this time of night... he is busy practicing standing up and taking steps!  However, when Bubba has fun stuff on the floor to play with he wants in on the action!  Owen yells, "Mom, get Ethan before he stroys (destroys) everything!"
And if I'm too slow... Owen can get him.  Look, just sit here in my lap and don't stroy my skate park!!
How cute are these two?!?!
I was worried about where Ethan would fit in to the sibling group since Owen and Addyson are SO close but it looks like he fits in just fine!!!!
And while we are playing... the ladies are still cooking!!!  Addyson never tires... she doesn't leave until you make her or until everything is all done!  She loves this!!!  And it was great bonding for Nina and Addyson during this trip!
And when it is all said and done and dinner is ready we enjoy a great meal together on the back deck!!
Food is delicious!  Family is wonderful!  And life is great!

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