Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frog Hunting Master

All this time at the cottage has helped Owen master his frog hunting skills!!!
He has spent a good part of the week over at the stream hunting frogs!!!  Sometimes there are other kids there hunting with him and sometimes he is alone... either way is fine with him as long as he is catching!!!
And he is!!!  He no longer needs Mackenzie's frog to jump out of her bucket so he can can't it.  Nope, he can hunt them down and catch them himself!!!
He gathers a bucket-full of frogs and brings them back to our beach for the afternoon so he can watch them.  We put water in the bucket, a rock for them to sit on, a net on top so they don't jump out, and then we put them under a tree for shade for their visit at our beach!  When people go to look at the frogs, they jump up against the net towards your face and give you a little scare!  Owen finds this funny!!  I'm just glad the net is there to stop them from jumping in my face!! : )
One day Owen hit the jackpot and had 2 different species of frogs in his bucket!!!!  He was super excited about this find!
This week has been a great lesson is catching creatures to look at them and learn about them and while they are in our care we look after them to make sure they are safe and happy.
Then, when we are all done with them, we let them go back to their home where they belong!!!  Not only does that make the frogs happy but, it allows us to be able to catch them again tomorrow!!!
What a fun week this has been learning about frogs!!!!

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