Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Frog Hunting

There are a couple of other kids here at the beach and we chatted with a mom and her two kids on our way to nap this morning.  The mom was telling us there were frogs nearby to catch!  Owen keyed up on that and wanted to go Frog Hunting as soon as he got up from nap!!!
He woke up and went straight for his net and bucket and headed out to find this little gem of a stream that is right beside our beach site!
He knew he wanted to catch frogs but, we were all new at this and had a hard time finding them at first.
Then Mackenzie came over... Mackenzie's grandma has a cottage next to ours so she spends a lot of time here catching frogs and is a pro.  She is 7 but you would think she is older.  She was SO patient and helpful with Owen. 
 She took him up and down the stream to show him how to look for frogs AND how to catch them!!
A couple of frogs jumped out of her bucket and she didn't mind that Owen "caught" them right away with his net and put them in his bucket!
And Owen didn't even notice that he caught those frogs thanks Mackenzie..... In his mind he caught those wild frogs fair and square!
And I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise... he was SO excited!  Brad asked me if I noticed, of course I did!  But, since Mackenzie didn't say anything about it, I wasn't going to either!!!
Mackenzie's grandma came over too and showed us adults how to do it!  No one in our group (minus Brad but he was kite flying) wanted to touch the jumpy and slimy frogs!  Watching her I learned some tricks to get me through the week!  I also need to work with Owen on getting him to do it by himself!  He touches fish so I know he can touch frogs too!
Addyson wasn't into frog hunting but she was excited to see what Owen caught!
We also learned that we need a couple of nets and a bigger bucket!  One net goes over the bucket while you use the other to hunt with.  We just had to the paddles to the ball game to sit over the top of our little bucket.  That meant that our frogs kept getting away.  No worries, it gave Owen more practice catching frogs!
At the end of the day, Josh helped Owen carry his bucket full of frogs (with his long net over it) back to our beach so he could keep them until it was time to go to bed and set them free.
He wanted everyone to see that he caught 2 frogs!!!  It was funny to watch people go check out the frogs because the frogs would jump up at the person and the net would go flying up and the person would jump back!  Good entertainment and all we needed was a bucket and a net!  I have a feeling we'll be frog hunting all week!!!

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